Tony Morris Memorial Rose Bowl’s final draw scheduled on the 26th of November 2011

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  • Tony Morris Memorial Rose Bowl’s final draw scheduled on the 26th of November 2011

Tony Morris Memorial Rose Bowl’s final draw scheduled on the 26th of November 2011

After the successful event of the Tony Morris Memorial Rose Bowl- Semi-Final, the Grade OR chase is all set to open its traps for the final combat, scheduled on the 26th of November 2011, Saturday.

Covering the distance of 380 meters, the event arranged two rounds, among which the top three winners from each show will participate for the last lure chase, entailing the purse of £ 2,000.

The purse winner of the 2nd Semi-Final, Ministry Mayhem, besides winning the £150 and securing his trap for the last chase, the hound was also declared as the quickset qualifier of the Tony Morris Memorial Rose Bowl-Finals.

At the chance of 11-10, trainer K Findlay’s white and black dog will commence his chase fro trap 2, wearing blue and white jacket.

The two-year-old Tictac Tyson, after producing fantastic final time of 23.64 seconds, victoriously qualified for the next show.

Trainer J Liles’s black dog wearing the same black and white jacket, which he wore for the semi-final quest, will be welcomed from trap 4 as a middle runner with 9-2 odds.

The brindle dog, Gifted Legend after being knocked down by Tictac Tyson over 3 ¼ lengths, has managed to reserve trap 5 for himself as a wide runner.

In the previous pursuit the hound began his chase from the same trap wearing orange and white jacket, but for the final combat he will start his chase with 8-1 odds.

The similar trap, trap 6 as in the semi-final round will welcome trainer P Cusack’s Blacknomilk, who took 23.94 seconds to wrap up his chase, in the third place by ½ a length.

Trap 3 of the final round is all set to send Droopys Pharaoh with the odds of 7-2. Surging through the dirt track of Crayford as a middle runner, the hound was previously placed in second position by a length distance.

The last trap, trap 1 has been secured by trainer J Liles’s Aghadown Donna who though took 23.60 seconds to conclude her chase in third place.

Last time from trap 5 she was seen in a an orange and white shirt, but the battle for the mouth watering reward, the blue bitch will be wear red and white jacket at the chance of 8-1.

It has not been decided yet, which dog will be sent in as an ideal. On the 26th of November 2011 the fortunate hound will not only balance the book of punters, but he or she will take home the handsome reward of £2,000.


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