Tito Vilanova discharged from hospital

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  • Tito Vilanova discharged from hospital

Tito Vilanova discharged from hospital 

While playing against Madrid during the Spanish Super Cup, one man managed to make the headlines all around the sporting news papers in Spain, Tito Vilanova – the man who was poked by Jose Mourinho in the eye.

Barcelona were to face Madrid in the Spanish Super Cup as the Catalan Giants won the Spanish La Liga and Madrid won the Copa del Rey last season. Both the teams were playing roughly and it was quite obvious that they would both soon be involved in a brawl. And so, it happened.

Cesc Fabregas was taken down by the Brazilian full back, Marcelo, and both the teams were involved in a war of words which soon became a fight in which slaps, racist comments and fists were thrown at each other.

During this fight, Josep Guardiola’s right-hand man, Tito Vilanova was poked by the Portuguese coach, Jose Mourinho. Vilanova became a famous man on the pitch that day as everyone spoke about that incident after the game; and of course, the fact that Barcelona won despite Madrid dominating most of the game.

Recently, Vilanova was rushed to a hospital as he was to go through a procedure on his salivary gland. It happened when the Catalans were to travel to Milan for a UEFA Champions League match against the Italian Champions.

Vilanova has now been released from the hospital after the procedure has been done last week.

Pep Guardiola's right-hand man was released following an operation on his parotid gland.

The assistant coach, for obvious reasons, missed the game against AC Milan as Barcelona won the game 2-3 away from home.

Barcelona’s senior player, Xavi Hernandez, took out time after the game to dedicate the important victory to the hospitalized assistant coach.

Milan’s fixture wasn’t the only game which Vilanova missed. He could not attend the game against Getafe which took Barcelona six points behind Madrid after they lost the game 1-0 away from home.

Vilanova has been discharged from the hospital but he is still required to rest at home. After being discharged from Vall d’Hebron, he is now at home in order to complete his recovery.

Barcelona have revealed that the operation for Vilanova was successful and he will now be recovering at home.

Vilanova has been a part of Barcelona since Josep Guardiola became the coach of Barcelona B. He was the assistant coach of the Catalan youth academy and both the coach and the assistant coach become Barcelona’s coach and assistant coach, together. 


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