The rise of greyhound industry in Asia

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  • The rise of greyhound industry in Asia

The rise of greyhound industry in Asia

Besides United Kingdom and United States of America, the sport of greyhound racing is gaining fame in the South Asia, South East Asia, Western Asia and South Western Asia as well. Day by day there is a great increase in the number of fans in the South Asian region, due to this intensification race tracks and a proper greyhound racing industry has been formed.

While mentioning the love for greyhound racing how the play of bets and odds can be ignored. The only reason behind this massive increase in the greyhound industry is, due to the betting system involved in it.

There are few countries in South Asia where betting is not actually banned, but it’s considered illegal with respect to the religion practiced in those places, and Pakistan is one of the country.

The popularity of this sport is at the peak level, there is a proper racing organization for Asia by the name of Asian Racing Organization. Malaysia, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Macau, Philippines and Singapore are the main members of this organization.

Casino has become a major need for greyhound racing, absence of this industry will result in to an immense turnout. The collision of Thailand’s sport club, the Royal Bangkok Sport Club due to the absence Casinos, is a big example.

The racing industry in Asia is performing quite actively, the annual conference of Asian Racing is scheduled every year, in 2007 it took place at Dubai.

In Vietnam there is a famous Ba Ria racetrack that has been provided with a lease, extended up to thirty years, for the development of the Colombian greyhound racing. The lease is granted by the Indo China Racing Entertainment Company.

The track that covers the largest distance in Asia is the Yat Yuen Canidrome. The race track is situated in Macau.

In many countries the greyhound racing is just considered as an entertaining sport, betting and gambling is not allowed, China and Korea are among those countries.

Besides the fan following of this popular sport there are people who are extremely against this game. According to their point of view this game should be banned, due to increase in downfall of the hounds.

The industry is no doubt gaining great sum of fame all over the world, but the racing rules should be re introduced in order to lessen the downfall of greyhounds.


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