The new change in Formula 1 are welcome additions

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  • The new change in Formula 1 are welcome additions

The new change in Formula 1 are welcome additions


The Sao Paulo Grand Prix will draw the curtain on the exciting 2011 Formula 1 season which has seen the excitement and adventure of previous years coming back to fore front. The changes brought in this year has helped immensely, with many great races and head to head battle taking place throughout the race.

Although the changes brought in didn’t stop Sebastian Vettel from winning the championship with four races left to spare, but one can’t take credit away from him as he has been head and shoulders above the rest this season and fully deserved his championship.

But credit goes to Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) on applying rules and regulations which have brought the excitement back to Formula 1. The DRS (Drag Reduction System) and KERS (Kinetic Energy Reserve System) allow drivers a boost of speed and manuverability which result in more overtaking, fueliing more side to side battle and aggression in the race.

According to reports up till now there have been more than 1400 overtakes including the in the DRS zones and normal which is a record high. Add to it more than 800 overtaking shots taken by drivers in the race up till now showing the increase in the chances of overtakes.

The DRS allow drivers to open the flap of rear wing of their car which reduces drag and give boost in speed and manueverability allowing pursuing cars to overtake. This technology has been a massive hit with the drivers and German great and seven time world champion Michael Schumacher praised its addition in Formula 1

“It is to me very obvious that we have improved big time, we’ve had incredible races this year. It doesn’t always work out perfect, there is some room for improvement, but in general it has contributed a lot for some great racing.”

Another important factor is the KERS technology which stores the kinetic energy generated by the brakes of tyres which is stored in fly wheel or battery. Push of a button and a car gains a power boost helping acceleration of the car.

Looking at the stats the overtakes on average in a race has risen considerably with the most taking place in Turkey (85), Canada (79) and China (67). The average passes has reached the level of 45 per race with half of them DRS initiated.

But DRS have come in for lot of criticism of late as it has made overtaking very easy for the pursuing drivers with little opportunity for the leading driver to defend his lead. In some corners questions are still raised that it has made Formula 1 artificial but The FIA has rebuffed this notion but agreed that it need some tweaking.

FIA also changed their sole provider of tyre from Bridgestone to Pirelli which has made tyres of specific compound more prone to wear and tear. This makes the driver to make regular pit stops to change tyres and look into develop more strategies so they could stay in the lead.

All in all the changes brought in have been a massive hit for both drivers, teams and fans alike and hope for more changes to be brought in to make Formula 1 even more exciting.

Williams driver Rubens Barrichello said “Pirelli has done a good job to help (racing) together with the DRS and the KERS, I think the show has improved. Let’s hope that’s the way Formula One is going to be for the long term.”   


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