The living legend of MotoGP – Rossi’s recovery

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  • The living legend of MotoGP – Rossi’s recovery

The living legend of MotoGP – Rossi’s recovery


The living legend of MotoGP, Valentino Rossi, is optimistic about recovering from his unfortunate broken leg, which he suffered at the Italian Grand Prix this season. Rossi believes he will be fit enough in time to start the next season. When asked about which team he will be riding for, he gave a vague response.


Rossi, who is now 31 years old, is facing a long recovery period after crashing in the qualifying session of Italian GP. He has less than a year left in his contract with the Fiat Yamaha team and is speculated to once again look for a new challenge. As the former champion is known for trying to test himself time and again, that is precisely the reason he moved to Yamaha. He wanted to test himself and see if he could win the world championship with Yamaha, which he certainly did.


The 7 time world champion said that, the accident will have no influence in his decision for a team next season; he believes the bike had nothing to do with the crash and it was his own fault.


“The Doctor” said that the events of Italy have changed nothing for me. Rossi’s contract with Yamaha runs till the end of the year. Back in November 2009, he said that he is not 100% sure if he will stick with Yamaha for the next season and a lot will depend on how things go this season.


Rossi said that he may switch and opt for Ducati. This will mean trying to win the world championship with an Italian bike, and with him being from Italy it surely is a big motivating factor for him.


Since the Italian GP crash, Rossi has gone through 2 major operations. The recovery looks to be on track. He is in no hurry to get back on a bike, and he believes he has enough time to get back to his best physical shape to take on a new challenge next year.


While commenting on the infamous crash, Rossi said he had a new tyre and after doing two laps he slowed down as Hector in Barbera was right behind him.



Rossi added that when he made his way back onto the racing line, Pedrosa came in. He did not want to cause a problem for him so he moved away but as soon as he reopened the gas, what happened next was sudden and unexpected.


Just 7 seconds were all that was needed for things to go wrong, hence it was his mistake.


Rossi said that even though the 2 operations have been a success, he does not enjoy the fact that his leg is elevated, which is to avoid the risk of infection, after that rehabilitation will begin.


Rossi commenting on his comeback said, if he missed four races or six, it does not make that much of a difference. According to him, the appropriate time to make a comeback could be the Czech Grand Prix at Brno, but I am not holding my breath for it he said.


Rossi went on to say, despite the rumours he has no plans of calling it a day in MotoGP as of now. He has much more to achieve. There is only a sense of frustration at being forced to sit out and not being able to race, for the first time in his career.


He reiterated that he is in no hurry to make a premature comeback which could harm his career in the long run.


Rossi is content with the recovery period given to him by the doctors, and believes that it is better to take it easy. Formula 1 Driver Mark Webber called him and said he suffered from something similar and the Australian advised him not to rush back.


All that means it is all there for Lorenzo to win. Once the champion is back next season, he will be hungry with a lot to prove.






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