The game of Three Cards – Flash (Part 1)

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  • The game of Three Cards – Flash (Part 1)

The game of Three Cards – Flash (Part 1)

Over the years, the card games have become popular and are played all around the globe. There are countless card games played in the world with regional rules and regulations. The history of the card games can be traced at the early stages of an Ancient India. Through the travelers, it also got popular in China during the Tang Dynasty in the 9th century. The best thing about the game is that all you need is a deck of a standard cards and certain number of the players, depending on what game to play.

The normal deck, or also known as pack, consists of 52 cards. These 52 cards have four suits and each suit has 13 cards, ranging from two to the ace. However in some games, the ace is considered as the first card. Four suits of the cards are primarily divided into two colors, red and black.  Black has two suits, spades and clubs. Similarly, the red one has two suits hearts and diamonds. The ace of the spades is the highest card in the deck and is often known as the royal card.

Three card game – Flash

The three card game or often known as flash, was originated in India. At its best, four to seven people play it and the game is played with the full deck. It is the most popular ancient card gambling game. The basics of the game are based on the luck factor and if seen in mathematical modeling, the basis is probability. The game is very similar to three card poker. However, the rules are bit different from poker. The game starts with one person dealing the cards and giving three cards to each person, one by one. The dealing of the cards is anti clockwise and it is made sure that until the cards are dealt, no one sees what they have got in their hands.

Preset amount of money is decided as booting money and is pooled in a pot. Everyone has to put booting money before the game starts. The game normally lasts 5-10 minutes, depending on the number of the players. Once the booting money is put in a pot, players are allowed to see the cards if they want. It is not obligatory to see your cards as few players like to play “blind”. Blind in this game is a state where you don’t see your cards and bet blindly. The blind call is the half of the normal call, on the table. For instance, if a player who has seen his cards calls for four (monetary value), the person playing blind is supposed to call two.

The player who sees his cards has four options. The player can fold, as in he/she chooses not to continue with the game. “Call” is the normal option that is to play and pool certain amount of money in a pot. The player can raise the game, by adding more money than the normal, into the money pot. This is normally done if the cards are good, or to bluff the others on the table. The last option is to ask for a “show”. Show is asked with the person sitting on the right side of the player, asking show. The other person shows the cards to the player who has asked for the show and it will result in folding of either one of them. If the precedence of their cards is same, then the player asking for the show has to fold as per the rule. This round of calling, folding, raising and showing continues till there is one person left and declared as the winner. The whole money, which is gathered in the pot, will go to that player.