The dream league: Sir Alex Ferguson

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  • The dream league: Sir Alex Ferguson

The dream league: Sir Alex Ferguson

The legendary manager of Manchester United, Sir Alex Ferguson has labelled this season of Barclays Premier League as “the dream league”, after seeing the top five teams bidding to win the English football’s most precious title, Barclays Premier League.

Manchester United, who dropped points in their last match against Birmingham City at St Andrews Ground, are currently leading the table with 38 points to their name after playing 18 Premier League games. Manchester City, who are unbeaten since November, are currently placed second in the table sharing equal points with their fierce rivals Manchester United. However, the Citizens have played 20 league games.

Arsenal are placed third in the league and have the best away record in the Barclays Premier League. Despite losing five matches in the first half of the season, Arsenal have managed to score 36 points in 19 League games. The Premier League champions Chelsea, who have been going through poor form, have finally managed to book a win in over seven League matches. With a recent win over Bolton Wanderers, the Blues are currently placed fourth in the league with 34 points to their name out of 19 league games.

Tottenham Hotspurs, who are unbeaten since the start of December, are currently placed fifth in the league. They recently won their last match against Newcastle United. Spurs have managed to gain 33 points out of 19 league games. With such less difference between the points, it is shaping up to be a compelling League battle that may not do much for the heart rates of those involved but will only increase the interest which surrounds the English Football worldwide. Sir Alex Ferguson said the Barclays Premier League is for everyone to win or lose. The Red Devils manager added, “So many times over the last few years, people have spoken about the top four when there has been one of those periods where we are all within a couple of points of each other and said this could be a really exciting league. But by the end of the year, two teams are contesting it. That could happen again this season but on the other hand, if it were to be five or six involved right until the end, it would be fantastic for the league.”

Ferguson declared this season of the Barclays Premier League as “the League everyone dreams of.” The staggering nature of this season of the Barclays Premier League is certainly at odds with the Spanish League, which is often held up as the most obvious challenger to the English football's popularity. Sir Alex said that there is always a surprise result in every set of games this season. Sir Alex added, “We were disappointed to lose a late goal at Birmingham on Tuesday, then the next day Arsenal drop two points against a Wigan team with 10 men and Wolves go to Anfield and win.”

He further stated, “You are going to see a lot of these results because it is such a tough league. There are five or six teams challenging at the top of the league at the moment but if you look at other countries, Barcelona and Real Madrid are normally challenging for the Spanish league, it's Bayern Munich and one other in Germany and in the Italian league it is Milan or Juventus. That is why it is so exciting.”

Moreover, three of the four English teams finished as a group leader in their respective groups in UEFA Champions League. Along with that, Manchester City are also favourites to claim the Europa League titles.



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