The curious case of Shawn Marion’s left fingerThe curious case of Shawn Marion’s left finger

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  • The curious case of Shawn Marion’s left fingerThe curious case of Shawn Marion’s left finger

The curious case of Shawn Marion’s left finger

Teammates feel bad for him. Friends and family feel sorry but it is Shawn Marion who does not feel slightly awkward with this tilting little finger of his. Yes, it is the left pinkie of Marion that we are talking about here. It has been bending down since so long a time that the 32-year-old has even forgotten the time he got it hit first.

Marion, who plays forward position for the Dallas Mavericks has been playing with the dislocated finger since ever. When asked if the dislodged finger hurts, the player said, “It doesn’t hurt; maybe if I bend it a certain way or something [it hurts].” The player even twisted his finger while demonstrating how it bent as if it was made out of rubber.

Despite going through so much, Marion is content with his deformed finger and shared that he has no intentions of operating it or getting it straight. The player who started his career with the Phoenix Suns is not much concerned about the bending finger but more with his performance as his team is just one win shy of tying the second position with Los Angeles Lakers in the Western Conference. The San Antonio Spurs who are at the top position are five wins ahead of the Mavericks.

The 1999’s round 1 pick has averaged 15 points in the previous 10 games and a rebounding average of 6.6 in the same.

When asked how he felt playing like that, the player said that his finger did not stand in his playing. Even when the doctor asked him what he was going to do, he told him that he had full rotation and that was all he wanted. He said that he was good with it.

Marion is so courageous that when his finger was injured last year, he just taped it and continued playing with the hurt finger. He confided that the finger did hurt a little but he ignored the pain and continued the game. That is not where the tale ends. The unfortunate player got his finger hit again this year but he was so engrossed in the game that he did not even notice it. Mark Cuban, the owner of Mavericks’ franchise pointed this out to him to which the cool player responded by saying, “I’m not going to be a hand model. It’s OK.”

In this world who does not like perfect hands? The player has recently been given the starting position of his team and this is the first time in his career that Marion has been bestowed with this responsibility. Coming off the bench is a huge responsibility for the player but with a finger that ticks “10 o’clock” would that be possible?

The major reason as to why the player does not want to get his finger moved back to its original position might be that he has gotten used to its current location.

Remember Achilles heel? Perhaps Marion should be more careful and not make a mention of the dislocated pinkie more often as it might become a weak point for him.

A slight memory of when he first got it hit buzzed the player’s mind when he went back into the time and recalled, “Yeah, when I was little, dislocated it. Maybe 9 or 10 [years old]. I probably was playing basketball or soccer or like kickball or something -- dodge ball. I don't remember. I know I was playing some kind of sport with a ball. Football. It was football, playing catch."

Ah, now we know…. 

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