The conclusion of St Leger ¼ Finals were quite mystifying for most of the trainers

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  • The conclusion of St Leger ¼ Finals were quite mystifying for most of the trainers

The conclusion of St Leger ¼ Finals were quite mystifying for most of the trainers

For few trainers like M Wallis, the results of the quarter-finals were bewildering. The few hounds who were placed in the race with greater number of bets, sadly got whitewashed and were eliminated from the next draw, the semi-finals.

On the 23 of September 2011, Wimbledon stadium was honored to schedule four rounds of the prestigious event, the St Leger ¼ Finals.

The event started off with the first round, in which K Findlay’s black dog Fleeting Image was placed in as the most ideal hound. Unfortunately the two-year-old could not grasp the wire in perfect timings.

The St Leger 1st ¼ Final event, went in the favour of C Allsopp’s black dog Head Iton Jason. The three-year-old very impressively dashed through trap 1 in urge to win the purse, even though he got crowded in the first bend, with his swiftness and skill full chase, he got himself out of the hassle.

In the race with 9/2 odds Head Iton Jason placed himself at the head start position, during the last 4 lengths, remaining at the lead, eventually he managed to cross the wire in 41.99 seconds.

Second round of the St Leger quarter-final, opened the doors of the traps at 8:30. The 5/4 F of the show, Skywalkershearer became successful in not letting S Cahill’s expectations down. The three-year-old placed in as the idyllic racer of the show, performed extraordinarily, which helped him in not only winning the purse, but he has also confirmed his trap in the semi final round.

42.00 seconds was the recorded time, in which Skywalkershearer covered the distance of 687 meters. St Leger 3rd ¼ Final ended up very tragically for M Wallis. His hound who was considered to be the most favourite hound of St Leger event, unfortunately got abandoned from the final event.

Blonde Fletch was welcomed into the race with the odds of 2/5 F, hopes were really high, but sadly the trap 1 racer got crowded twice and was not able to retain his pace, so that he could finish up first.

On the other hand Blonde Fletch’s contender Curragh Kewell, took advantage of the situation and railed through the middle to place himself at the lead, due to his racing techniques and speed the whole race went in his favour, and in 42.00 seconds the hound got hold of the wire and won the purse.

The last round of the show made M Wallis Aero Majestic the star of the show. Though Blonde Fletch sadly could not give M Wallis a reason to celebrate, but the black dog Aero Majestic granted his trainer a chance to sing the songs of praise.

The trap 3 racer with his impressive early pace soon took the lead, with the odds 4/5 F Aero Majestic has proved himself an impressive racer. Covering the distance in 41.94 seconds the two-year-old has confirmed his position in the next event.

The traps for the next show, the St Leger Semi-Final, has been confirmed. Due to the astonishing outcomes of the quarter finals, no one is sure about the winners of the next round.  


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