The combat of Harolds Cross Bookmakers Puppy Derby Final, entailing the €25,000 purse is won by Sparta Maestro

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  • The combat of Harolds Cross Bookmakers Puppy Derby Final, entailing the €25,000 purse is won by Sparta Maestro

The combat of Harolds Cross Bookmakers Puppy Derby Final, entailing the 25,000 purse is won by Sparta Maestro

The result of the final quest came out as trainer P Gough pictured it. His most ideal hound of the race Sparta Maestro stole the show, after showing off his amazing talent to the Harold’s Cross Stadium. The Grade OR race Harolds Cross Bookmakers Puppy Derby Final covering the distance of 525 yards, brought festivity for the fortunate trainer after winning the purse worth €25,000.

The out class racing abilities of the black dog was known to the management, due to which he was sent in the race with the most bets. Commencing his chase from trap 5 with the odds of 5/4 F, the one-year-old hound surged through the box with a prompt tempo.

His immense speed and abrupt attitude helped him in presenting an eye catching event. His talent assisted him in attaining the pointer position in the third bend, and sustained there until he got hold of the wire.

In total 28.59 seconds the trap 5 racer wearing orange and white jacket, crossed over and confirmed his owner ship for the handsome bag of money.

The trap 6 racer who finished second by 1 a length was Kiely’s Callums Flash. The black dog with the odds of 6/1, began his chase with a very lethargic pace, which became a major drawback for the two-year-old hound.

Unfortunately he was not able to wrap up his chase with flying colours, even though he got a chance to lead the race during the third bend. The trap 6 racer took 28.67 seconds to cover the 525 yards distance for trainer Kiely.

Wearing black and white jacket in the combat Ruthless Man managed to finish third for trainer J McGee. The black and white dog lost the opportunity to take the purse home by 4 lengths. The crowdedness he experienced during the first bend became a big distraction in his chase, though he kept on running, it was too late.

Ruthless Man managed to cross over in 28.99 seconds for trainer J McGee.

The hound who came fourth in his quest by a neck distance was Swift Marathon. S Graham’s black dog faced immense obstruction which hindered his progress in the race. As he marched himself through trap 2, Swift Marathon was quite far away, while surging through first bend the one-year-old got himself crowded.  For S Graham 6/4 Swift Marathon took 29.01 seconds to cover the distance.

The fawn dog who was welcomed into the combat through trap 3 for P Buckley wrapped up his chase at fifth position. The two-year-old Incitatus very badly got crowded during the first bend, clogging in the early pace became a big reason for his defeat.

Finishing his chase in 29.33 seconds Incitatus left trainer Barry’s hound 5 ½ lengths behind. The black dog Movealong Dash began his lethargic pace from trap 1, due to his lazy start he got clogged in the first bend, which made him finish sixth in the show.

The lucky winner Sparta Maestro brought celebration and festivity for trainer P Gough, after winning the purse of €25,000 in a fabulous manner.  



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