The Wednesday’s final draw of Northern Puppy Derby Finale

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  • The Wednesday’s final draw of Northern Puppy Derby Finale

The Wednesday’s final draw of Northern Puppy Derby Finale Northern Puppy Derby semi-final has been concluded with the confirmation of the final draw. The Grade OR race entailing the purse of £8,000 will take place on the 12th of October 2011, Wednesday.

J Davy’s Sevenup Bradders gave a tremendous hit in the semi-final round, after commencing his chase from trap 6. The hound was not placed as the most ideal hound, but his tremendous effort helped him in whitewashing the idyllic dog of the show. The two-year-old dog has impressively confirmed his trap, he will commence his chase from trap 6 as a wide runner.

The dark black dog Longwood Hawk for C Callow was in the first round of the semi-final with the most bets. The 5/4 F unfortunately managed to finish second, but he has qualified for the final combat.

For C Callow Longwood Hawk will be chasing the lure from trap 2 wearing blue and white jacket.

After the conclusion of the first round Northern Puppy Derby Semi-Final 2 finalised the next two qualifiers.

Trainer K Macari placed Unreal Timmy a black dog as the joint favourite with 5/2 J odds. His outclass performance not only assisted him in giving a hit against Killieford Blaze 5/2 J, but he accomplished in confirming his trap in the final round.

Previously he was placed in trap 2, in the finals K Macari’s hound will commence his chase from trap 4 wearing black and white jacket.

Killieford Blaze was the other joint favourite of the second semi-final. J Bateson was quite confident about his hound’s performance, but the white and black dog could not compete with Unreal Timmy and managed to finish second.

Luckily J Bateson’s one-year-old hound has qualified for the finals. Wearing orange and white jacket the young hound will be welcomed through trap 5.

The final round of the Northern Puppy Derby Semi-Final, confirmed the last two qualifiers of the final combat.

P Philpott’s black and white dog Coin Case with the ideal odds gave an amazing hit. His tremendous victory not only placed him in the, finals but he has also defeated his joint favourite Drumcrow Dav.

Coin Case, who was placed in trap 2 previously, will be welcomed in to the race from trap 3.

The last hound who with the odds of 7/2 finished second for M Wallis was the last qualifier. The blue and brindle dog is placed in trap1. In the previous quest he was quite slow but in the finals trainer M Wallis is expecting to see impressive performance.

The six hounds who qualified for the final combat are ready to set the track on fire, in urge to win the purse of £8,000 by giving a tremendous hit in the Northern Puppy Derby Finals.    


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