The Viper, Randy Orton clutches the first position in the Power 25 – WWE Ranking Updates

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  • The Viper, Randy Orton clutches the first position in the Power 25 – WWE Ranking Updates

The Viper, Randy Orton clutches the first position in the Power 25 – WWE Ranking Updates

The Apex Predator, Randy Orton captured the top place in the WWE’s Power 25 list on the weekend, October 29 rankings. The Viper jumped upwards from the third to the first place in the current week’s rankings.

The Academy of Wrestling Arts and Science regularly updates the list in accordance with three segments: one pay-per-view event named “Vengeance” and two weekly segments.

On Sunday, October 23, The Viper was set to face the Intercontinental Champion, Cody Rhodes in a challenge match at WWE’s PPV segment, Vengeance.

After apparently the worst fight of the week, The Viper finally sank his fangs in the Intercontinental Champion. The Viper hit a flying RKO and pinned Cody for a three-count victory.

One day after the PPV event, The Viper and The Celtic Warrior, Sheamus, teamed up and faced their opponents, Cody and Christian, in a tag team match.

Another strong bout was played by The Apex Predator and The Celtic Warrior. The two brawlers showed surprising teamwork and won their tag team match by crushing Cody and Christian.

On October 28, The Viper faced the United States Champion, Dolph Ziggler, during the Friday Night SmackDown segment.

The Intercontinental Champion also joined the announcement table during that fight. Meanwhile, the All-American Jack Swagger joined the ringside of The United States Champion.

As Swagger interrupted the fight, the referee banned him from ringside sending him backstage.

During the bout, The Viper was on the verge of a fall, with The United States Champion brutally nailing his finishing moves like Earth-Shattering Superkick.

However, in the end, The Viper made a comeback with the worst RKO and succeeded to capture the victory.

As The Legend Killer, Orton did not suffer any loss during the entire week. Therefore, The Academy of Wrestling Arts and Science placed him on the first position in the rankings.

Last week, The Viper dropped down to the third from the second place. It was because The Viper lost his bout during Monday Night Raw in a six-man tag team fight.

Although Orton assaulted his vengeance rival, the ring momentum was in favour of Cody’s team. The World Champion, Mark Henry, who was a member of Cody’s team, captured the victory by pinning John Morrison.

Nonetheless, Randy Orton is back and this time he is sitting at the top of the WWE’s Power 25 list.


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