The Veltins stadium; waiting to get repaired

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  • The Veltins stadium; waiting to get repaired

The Veltins stadium; waiting to get repaired: The harsh weather conditions and snowfall has badly affected the Veltins Arena in Germany. According to very recent news reports; the snowfall has damaged the roof of the stadium.

The Veltins Arena which is the home football stadium for the Schalke has badly collapsed and therefore it needs a serious renovation. The weather has not only affected the stadium but it has also affected the schedule of the games as the team Schalke has to host another match next week in the stadium.

According to news reports the annual biathlon World Team Challenge event was also planned to hold in the stadium this week. Now the condition of the Arena does not seem ideal to hold events and the event has been cancelled as the arena needs to renovate before any tournament is held. It is also reported that the harsh snowfall has created a huge hole of approximately one thousand square meters in the roof of the stadium. Moreover it is also to be notified that the fibre glass strips which are to hold the roof were also demolished by the snow storm.

In a very recent interview the chairman of the Schalke club, Peter Peters expressed his concerns about the matter over the internet over the website of the club. Peters said that the huge holes created by the snow cannot be closed before the time of holding the event. He added that the freezing weather conditions are also creating a lot of problems in the process of repairing the Arena.

The head of management of the stadium Rüdiger Mengede has said that the top priority of them is the safety of the viewers and the playing teams. He continued that they are left with no choice except to cancel all the upcoming events which were scheduled in the Arena. But considering the conditions of the winter season the upcoming match of the team can be postponed as well because the snow fall can further slow down the repairing process of the stadium.

According to some news resources it is reported that it is expected that the weather will get a little friendly by then and the match could be held with the open top of the Arena. Peter Peters has also expressed his views about the matter. He has said that it is expected that the next phase of the event will start according to the schedule. He added that he is very hopeful about the commencement of the upcoming match of the team Schalke.

It is to be known that the workers of the club had cleared the previous collapse before the twenty fifth of December but the process of repairing the roof stopped because of the bad weather situations. The snowfall has not only affected the sports in Germany but it has affected the scheduled football games in England as well. Moreover playing football in such harsh conditions can also affect the health condition of the players. The busy schedule of fixture in the English Premier League in the cold weather has also created a lot of mess for the League managers as many players are hitting injuries in a very quick succession.

The Veltins Arena has a great importance in Germany as it is a home to the Schalke team. Not only this, but the stadium can be used to hold many international games of football as well. The stadium can comfort sixty one thousand four hundred and eighty two people and it has hosted many important games like the Champions League Final.

Peters is of the view that the second part of the season will be commenced according to the plans. Now it is expected that the weather will get a little better before the next game of the Schalke team as the harsh conditions might prolong the season as well.


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