The Three Best Maximums ever made in the History of Snooker Playing

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  • The Three Best Maximums ever made in the History of Snooker Playing

The top three maximum that have ever been made are from Steve Davis, Cliff Thorburn, and Ronnie O’Sullivan in 1982 Lada Classic, 1983 World Championship, and 1997 World Championship respectively.

There were the great moments when history was made.

1982 Lada Classic: Steve Davis

Steve Davis was playing against John Spencer on 11th January 1982 in Lada Classic 1982 held at Oldham, Civic Centre where he made the first ever televised 147 maximum break.

Spencer broke the frame which most probably was his worst break ever as the cue ball hit the jaws and leaf his opponent with a bunch of open reds. Steve started off with a good pot in the centre and landed on the black. After the third black he opened up a few more balls from the next red developing another black but he went out of the position afterwards. Steve there doubled the red excellently to come up again on the black receiving a round of applauds from the audience.

After a few more blacks it was the time when everyone started smelling something big. Steve was left with two reds on the table and there were claps on his every pot. He made a confident long pot to come up for the last black and received a huge appreciation once again from the crowd.

Everything went fine until he again went out of position on the blue but Davis made unbelievable pots on blue, pink, and the black under a tremendous amount of pressure making the first ever televised 147.

The crowd had gone ballistic and Steve Davis for this wonderful achievement that nobody had ever achieved before was awarded a Lada Riva car.

1983 World Championship: Cliff Thorburn

The second best maximum ever made was from Cliff Thorburn at the Crucible Theater in the 1983 World Championship which started off with a complete fluke, at which point Cliff had never thought it would end in history. Thorburn’s break building skills came out of the blue in the fourth as they were having very slow frames otherwise.

Terry intended to play from the cushion to produce good safety, as he was having a difficult bridge shot, but gave a chance. Thorburn missed an easy red but it fluked and he was left with the black and some perfectly opened reds.

Cliff Thorburn afterwards at no place during the frame went out of position and produced classy historical 147 break winning 10,000 pounds prize money.

It was the first ever 147 break in the history of snooker world championship, the second in the history of TV broadcasting, and the fourth officially authorized.

1997 World Championship: Ronnie O’Sullivan

On the third number it lays, the world’s fastest 147 break which was made by Ronnie “The Rocket” O’Sullivan in the 1997 snooker world championship. It was fastest on record as per the Guinness Book of World Records recorded at 5 minutes and 20 seconds.

Ronnie O’Sullivan was playing against Mick Price with a frame score of 8-5 in Ronnie’s favor until Ronnie made an unbelievable maximum at a lightning speed with some super canons. The commentators all the way kept saying that this is unbelievable stuff that they are watching.

Ronnie cleared the whole table with a mind boggling maximum and the atmosphere was totally electric. It earned Ronnie prize money of 167,000 pounds (147,000 for the maximum and another 18,000 for the highest of the tournament).



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