The Romford track brought festivity for P Young, after attaining a hat trick with his warriors

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  • The Romford track brought festivity for P Young, after attaining a hat trick with his warriors

The Romford track brought festivity for P Young, after attaining a hat trick with his warriors  

P Young is impressed by his hounds who aided in presenting a hat trick for his trainer at the dirt track of Romford. The meeting of Thursday 29th September 2011, placed the lucky trainer in the lime light because along with his hat trick triumph he also earned the most winnings in the event.

The victorious trainer’s winnings started off from the second show of the meeting, the Grade A7 race covering the 400 meters distance assisted Deanridge Sarg’s to contribute in the victories.

The black dog in the race with the odds of 7/2 made P Young proud, besides winning he also succeeded in vanquishing the idyllic hound of the race Sams Our Dog.

The trap 4 racer wearing black and white jacket railed through the dirt track, with quite an impressive pace later on with his real go getter attitude he placed himself at the lead and got hold of the wire in the total time of 25.22 seconds.

P young was in the glee of his previous win, when his black dog Aero Baptiste railing through trap 4, presented his trainer, second consecutive hit.

The two-year-old hound wearing black and white jacket surged through trap 4 with 9/2 odds, he was not placed in the race as the most favourite hound, but with his sensible slow and sure effort he was able to win the purse for trainer P Young.

Right after the second victory, P Young chose Strattons Josie to race for him in the next show, hoping to earn a hat trick P Young kept his fingers crossed throughout the race.

His trap six racer with the odds of 9/2, fulfilled his trainer’s desire and gifted him his third consecutive win, in the Romford meeting.

Although the quest became really tough for the hound, instead of getting the situation in over his head, he charged himself up with extreme energy, and railed through the pack of hounds in urge to win the race.

In total 24.62 seconds, Strattons Josie brought festivity for the fortunate trainer.

After three consecutive wins, P Young’s warrior sadly got whitewashed in the fifth show of the meeting. The fourth and the last victory for P Young was earned in the sixth event of the meeting, Katie Bear the fawn bitch in the race as the most ideal hound, impressively contributed in the wins of her trainer.

The trap 2 racer was swift from the beginning of the race, with the odds of 3/1 F the three-year-old bitch got hold of the wire in 36.49 seconds.

P Young the winner of 441 in his four combats out of ten, gave him a reason to push the boat out. His victorious hounds by keeping their chins up made their trainer to sing the songs of praise.     


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