The Real Madrid hierarchy model – La Liga Special

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  • The Real Madrid hierarchy model – La Liga Special

The Real Madrid hierarchy model – La Liga Special

Real Madrid have revolutionized their organizational structure, bringing it line with that in place at English clubs, especially Manchester United. In the new setup Jose Angel Sanchez takes the office of Director General, Manuel Redondo is the Director of the President's Office, while Jose Mourinho has taken the charge of Football Sports Manager of the club.

Jose Angel Sanchez was incorporated into Los Blancos DNA eleven years ago, in the first term of president, Florentino Perez. Thanks to his efforts that the clubs stature of Real Madrid has changed from the most decorated club in Spain to the biggest football brand in world football.

Sanchez understood Perez’s philosophy of buying the most expensive players around to take the club to heights never believed to be possible before. He has been an integral part of the most expensive transfers in world football, bringing in the likes of Zinedine Zidane and Cristiano Ronaldo to Santiago Bernabéu. He will now take the unified position of Director General, continuing from the role of CEO.

The new Director General will be second in the chain of command and will report to the President. He will be preceded by Football Sports Manager, Jose Mourinho’s official title in the new hierarchy. The hierarchy will be with Florentino Perez at the top of the decision making channel with Jose Angel Sanchez reporting to him. The Football Sports Manager will likewise be under his command.

In the Chairman’s office, Manuel Redondo will be seated. He previously held the position of Director General of Presidency, and after the reorganization will head the position of Director of the President's Office. He joins the cabinet of the President, which includes three other members. Raul Serrano, head of Protocol and Julio Gonzalez, director Foundation. These two members are not directly involved with football management.

The new organization setup comes after the ousting of former General Manager Jorge Voldano. The Argentine had famous bust-ups with Portuguese tactician during the last La Liga campaign. He was shown the door as Jose Mourinho claimed ultimate responsibilities in the Spanish capital.

Mourinho always wanted to have similar authority like that enjoyed by Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United. He was shown the door by supremo Roman Abramovich as he tried to have the same authority at Chelsea FC.

In his next stint at Inter Milan, he managed to turn the tables en route to winning the treble. At Real he had been stifled with power, as managers in Spain are not given this much freedom. With the establishment of new line of authority, Mourinho will be able to exercise his control with increased freedom.

In addition to the aforementioned changes Jose Mourinho has brought in French legend, Zinedine Zidane in the mix of things at Real Madrid. He has been appointed in the capacity of Director of Football, and will report to the Portuguese tactician. His addition will bridge the gap between the President and the Manager, being a close aide of both individuals.

As Real Madrid pursue their stride in becoming a dominating force in world football, this reorganization will help them achieve it with greater efficiency. With information channels being unclogged, Los Blancos dressing room will not have to worry about mundane issues. The manager and the director general have an inter-locking working mechanism and they have to excel if Los Blancos want to realize their ambitions.


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