The Nittany Lions defeat Penn State men’s volleyball team by 3-0 on Friday

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  • The Nittany Lions defeat Penn State men’s volleyball team by 3-0 on Friday

The Nittany Lions defeat Penn State men’s volleyball team by 3-0 on Friday

Friday proved to be a good omen for the Nittany Lions men’s volleyball team. They entered the courts with confidence and left it at the end of the match further rejuvenated. The upsize that they got in their confidence was due to the fact that the Nittany Lions were successfully able to defeat Princeton.

Not only did they hand out a defeat to Princeton, the Nittany Lions did so after bagging three sets back to back for themselves. To add insult to injury, the clean sweep was not made by set scores that translated into a close match; rather, the final set scores were showing a Lions victory that displayed their superiority over Penn State in no unclear terms. As the Nittany Lions were patting each other’s backs and the Princeton team was heading back to the locker rooms while shaking their heads, the score board was displaying final sets scores that were flashing a Lion victory at 25-21, 25-16, 25-16.

As with any match, no team can pull off a victory and such a decisive one at that if all the aspects of their game are not balanced. The same was the case with the Nittany Lions, as both their attack and defense were performing well. However, the key role in the victory of the Nittany Lions was played by the relentless attack of the Lions that kept Princeton under a lot of pressure throughout the match.

By the time the match reached its close, the Nittany Lions had made an impressive number of over team kills at 41. The overall hitting percentage of the Lions stood at a commendable .414. As opposed to the Lions, the hitting percentage of the Tigers was far lower as they were able to register just a low value of .105. This hitting percentage was achieved after the Lions had made a total number of 25 kills in the match.

As soon as the match started, the lead was grasped by the Penn State at 6-1. However, this had more to do with clumsiness on the Tigers part than a Lions prowess as the Princeton gave away points by making errors early on. However, the Tigers were able to pull themselves together and close in the gap at 7-3. In answer, Penn State took the lead and continued to extend it at 18-9. Princeton tried to keep the game level by struggling on but failed to put up a considerable challenge and let the first set slip at 25-21.

After the loss of the first set, the performance of the Tigers showed a decline. Consequently, the next two sets were also won by the Nittany Lions at 25-16 each.

Next in line for the Nittany Lions is a match against the Rutgers-Newark to be played today at 7 p.m.


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