The Future of Shahid Afridi as the Pakistani cricket team leader!

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  • The Future of Shahid Afridi as the Pakistani cricket team leader!

Leadership of Pakistan Cricket Team had been a matter of discussion for the previous two years. Shoaib Malik, Younus Khan, Muhammad Yusuf, and currently banned Salman Butt led the team in different cricket formats, test cricket, one day international and twenty20. When Shahid Afridi was given the captaincy of national team in a different format he received enough criticism as Pakistan failed to make the Asia Cup and also lost the series against England and South Africa.     

When the Pakistan Cricket Team toured New Zealand between December 2010 and February 2011 under Shahid Afridi’s leadership, he was being observed critically as a leader as the World Cup was drawing near. Unfortunately Pakistan lost Twenty20 series and Afridi’s leadership was questioned, the former Pakistani cricketer Wasim Akram felt that Shahid Afridi’s leadership was not up to the mark as he said “One saw the lack of leadership in the team and players also did not play to their abilities and if they continue playing this way they will also lose the Test and ODIs series”. Although Pakistan won the ODIs series, it was the first victory of the team in two years.     

Pakistan Cricket Board announced that Shahid Afridi will be the captain of the team in the World Cup 2011, as Shahid Afridi and Misbah-ul-Haq were the two options, many former cricketers criticized the decision of the board and asked them to rethink about their decision. While giving an interview to a newspaper, former cricket player Aamir Sohail criticized the board decision and Afridi’s leadership by saying, “He was given enough time to prove his ability as captain. What I see is that he is not a leader, as a captain must have a sense of the game and know how to improvise. Every time Pakistan loses and he comes up with a different story.”    

Despite of all these heart breaking and discouraging comments from seniors Afridi did not give up. He took the captaincy of the national team as challenge because it was undoubtedly not an easy job as the Pakistan Cricket Team was going through a hard time. Spot fixing scandals dropped down the moral of the team, cricket was not coming to Pakistan because of terrorism and World Cup hosting was also taken from us, there were a lot of controversies flying over. In all this scenario it was not less than a challenge to lead the team.

In the World Cup 2011 Afridi proved himself as a leader by uniting the team and bringing out their best potential as once he said “ Controversies are the part of past”. It is only Afridi who could bring positive spirit in players and made them play as one unit which was shown in their improved performance.

Afridi is a very interactive captain as one can see him in the field very enthusiastic and involved. He keeps on interacting with his players and discusses almost every ball with his bowlers, this shows his spirit and involvement that how much is he cunning to make his team to win. 

By seeing Afridi’s thrilling leadership Former Pakistan Captain Rashid Latif could not stop him to say that “ The team has developed much needed fighting spirit under the captaincy of Afridi, which is a very heartening thing to see after the months of turmoil”. No body was expecting that the Pakistan Cricket team would be able to make top position in the quarter final by defeating unbeaten Australia in World Cup since 1999. The team came into the ground with another spirit, self confidence and positive body language. Afridi proved every negative speculation wrong and led the team up to his best by setting his own example in front of them, as he took two mercurial 5 wicket hauls and is the highest wicket taker in the tournament so far, 17 wickets in 6 matches. Afridi’s future as the leader of the Pakistan Cricket Team is very bright and the team is performing magnificently under his leadership. It has the potential to bring the cup home and we pray that Pakistan would repeat the history of 1992.




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