The Best Rated La Liga Striker – Part 2

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  • The Best Rated La Liga Striker – Part 2

The Best Rated La Liga Striker – Part 2

Article Continued from Part 1.

He moved back to Brazil and in spite of his impressive record in Brazil with the International squad, a lot of football pundits said that it was a risky matter to bring him to Spain for a sum of ten million Euros. Though right now the investment seems to have paid off well as the player has started to showcase his true talents.

This Brazilian has a lot of skills which include tricks and flicks in the locker. Also he is a exceptional finisher with a lot of pace and now is presenting all these abilities on the field on a weekly basis in the La Liga.

Karim Benzema

Karim Benzema’s time with Los Blanocs was disappointing as such and French player joined Ronaldo and Kaka as another shining star of Galactico 2.0 in 2009. This French International was also bought by Real Madrid from Olympique Lyonnais for thirty five million Euros.

This player has technical abilities, pace, an eye for the goal and power, so to summarize it all he has everything needed to be a good striker.

Though the reasons behind these struggle are that the Los Blancos plays the four, two, three and one system which only leaves behind a single striker without any partner and this place is always occupied by some other player.

Despite all these facts, it is believed that Benzema has a very bright future with the Los Blancos and is considered to be one of the best strikers alive, when he plays in his top form.

It stands as a land mark as this twenty two year old has already played in the top level of world football for years now and already has made twenty nine appearances for the French national team.

Still Benzema has a lot to improve and if he continues to develop like he has been developing in the last few years, then it is only a matter of time before we see him in a list of the world’s best players of football.

Giuseppe Rossi

Giuseppe Rossi was transferred to the Red Devils from Parma  but was actually loaned back to Parma and this was the factor that convinced the Yellow submarines to bring him back to the La Liga for a price for ten million Euros.

This star striker fulfilled his true potential in the Spanish La Liga. In addition, Rossi just like the Brazilian Negredo has scored goals with a total tally in double figures ever since he came back.

Giuseppe Rossi is not the tallest or strongest player but what he lacks in these fields he makes up for it with his vision and technical abilities.

The player is only twenty three years old, has a reputation of having a clever mind on the field, and is also known to bring the best out in his striker partners.

Giuseppe Rossi has only given slight hints regarding his return to Serie A though this comes side by side with his dream to be a part of the Italian national team.

Rossi’s leave will be a major loss for Villarreal and for the whole league for that matter and right now the club fans are hoping for a season remarkable enough to make Rossi stay.

Article Continued In Part 3.


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