The Best Rated La Liga Striker – Part 1

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  • The Best Rated La Liga Striker – Part 1

The Best Rated La Liga Striker – Part 1

Making a list of the best rated striker in the La Liga is a strenuous task and the reason behind this is that the Spanish La Liga is a league which has one of the deepest talent pools in the world and this in turn makes it a very difficult task to single players out to be the best.

A large portion from the best rated wingers, midfielders and strikers play in this Spanish league and this in turn makes the league one of the most viewed ones in the world.

From the Spanish La Liga there are numerous that are stars in the football world and even players that do not follow football have heard their names somewhere because of their super stardom.

Though this list only lists the top strikers so players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are not a part of it as they are wingers.

SO here is a list in no particular order of the best rated La Liga strikers:

Alvaro Negredo

Alvaro Negredo started his professional football career in 2004 with Rayo Vallecano in the Spanish La Liga. Though the Spaniard did not make quite an impression in the start and was ultimately transferred to Almeria with a buy back clause intact.

Alvaro Negredo gleamed with his talents there and scored thirty two goals in seventy games in a period of two years, this drew a lot of attention from all over Europe and all of this made Real Madrid buy him for five million Euros.

But what came unlucky for the Spanish striker was that Los Blancos only saw the player as a financial investment and then sold him off to Sevilla that same season for fifteen million Euros.

What Real Madrid thought to be a smart financial move, became Sevilla’s advantage.

This striker was so highly rated in Sevilla that for his time there, it became a regular habit to see Negredo and another always upfront with the opposing team’s goal posts.

It came to a point that Fredi Kanoute and Luis Fabiano had to battle with him for the front attacking spot and the player’s pace, exemplary air skills and power did not make it easy for them either.

Alvaro Negredo always scored more than a two figure number in the three La Ligas that he has played and is a part of the Spanish National team where he has made four appearances and scored two goals for his countires glory.

This Spaniard is only twenty five years old, it is believed that the best of this player is still to come and all of this makes him one of the best strikers in the La Liga.



Next is the Brazilian attacker who has been a literal revelation to the La Liga, when he joined Villarreal and has formed an interesting partnership with Guiseppe Rossi.

This thirty seven year old Brazilian started football with the youth academy of Internacional in 1999 then made it through the big leagues in 2004.


These two have a really good understanding and scored seven goals in the first five games of the season.

It almost seemed that Nimlar’s European venture was almost over when he had a rather disappointing run with the French Lyon. Nilmar only lasted one season there and scored two goals in a total of thirty two games.


Article Continued in Part 2.



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