The 6/1 Westmead Palace whitewashed the 7/4 J in the Bookmakers Silver Salver Finals

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  • The 6/1 Westmead Palace whitewashed the 7/4 J in the Bookmakers Silver Salver Finals

The 6/1 Westmead Palace whitewashed the 7/4 J in the Bookmakers Silver Salver Finals

A tremendous performance of Westmead Palace, was viewed by the spectators at the dirt track of Henlow. On the 29th of September 2011, the qualifier of the Bookmakers Silver Salver Finals G Holford’s hound, came up with an amazing chase and took the attractive prize money home.

The 550 meters Grade OR chase, started off as the trap doors opened to welcome the pack of hounds. While chasing the lure, the black dog Westmead Place gave an eye catching performance, his threatening speed and amazing racing techniques were the main advantages, due to which he was able to give a hit.

In the race with the odds of 6/1, the four-year-old besides winning the race also accomplished in whitewashing the joint favourites of the show, Dalcash Scolari and Westmead Maldini.

As he instigated his chase wearing orange and white jacket, G Holford’s young champ suddenly got challenged during the second bend, but without wasting any precious moment, Westmead Palace charged himself up and railed all the way till he got hold of the finish line.

Covering the distance in 33.49 seconds, Westmead Palace defeated all his contenders including White Chief, who finished second by a neck distance.

The white and black dog with the odds of 6/1 was swift from the beginning, but his speedy act was not enough to compete with his contenders. Although he took the lead when he was near the wire, with the difference of 2 seconds, K Taylor’s dog lost the combat.

Tragically the joint favourite hounds, who were placed in the quest with the odds of 7/4 J, M Wallis’s Dalcash Scolari and half brother to the purse winner Westmead Palace, Westmead Maldini, finished third and fourth in the Bookmakers Silver Salver Final.

Both hounds sadly got whitewashed in the event, due to the crowdedness they faced in the first bend, despite of facing obstruction in their quest, both tried really hard to get themselves through the hassle, but nothing worked out.

The fifth hound who reached the finish line was Eden Vixen, a black bitch unluckily was not able to win the combat for trainer C Weatherall. The three-year-old commencing through trap 2 got crowded in the first bend, due to which he was not able to make a comeback into the race, and took 33.79 seconds to finish up.

The last hound crossing over and aided in concluding the show, was M Wallis’s All The Noise. The white and black dog unfortunately got himself crowded twice during the chase.

The four-year-old crossed over in the estimated time of, 33.95 seconds.

The lucky hound Westmead Palace after winning the Bookmakers Silver Slaver Final, against 7/4 J Dalcash Scolari and Westmead Maldini, will take home the purse of £3000.


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