Texas Rangers Jon Daniels’ in active pursuit of C. J Wilson – MLB News

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  • Texas Rangers Jon Daniels’ in active pursuit of C. J Wilson – MLB News

Texas Rangers Jon Daniels’ in active pursuit of C. J Wilson – MLB News

Texas Rangers, the franchise which lost the 2011 World Series title to Cardinals just by an inch, has put forth another aspect of its Winter Meeting agenda. According to the recent buzz in the media the starting pitcher for Rangers who rocked St. Louis Cardinals and gave them a tough time in the playoffs, C. J Wilson, is still pursued by Jon Daniels, the general manager Texas Rangers.

The energetic 31-year-old who had been part of Rangers roster since the inception of his major league career aided substantially his franchise in winning not only the American League Division Series (ALDS) but also the American League Championship Series (ALCS). It was his remarkable pitching in the AL West Division that made him eligible to pitch in the game 1 of ALDS as starting pitcher.

With the leading AL stats in year 2011 not only Rangers interest in retaining their lucky charm is sensible but his demand in other more than 50 per cent teams is also evident. Up till the moment almost 50 per cent franchises in major league are seeking a starting pitcher too strengthen their roster.

One can easily imagine the intensity of the matter with the winter moot just at days’ distance, finding and hiring of the most apropos starting pitcher is definitely the most pivotal agenda of most leagues. Though Fielder and Pujols are also going to loot the 3-day moot but only at the first basemen position. Starting pitchers undoubtedly are a necessity for every teams’ roster they can effectively subjugate the opponent offence hence changing the scenario of the game.

Jon Daniels admitted that he had been talking with Bob Garber, agent C.J Wilson, every now and then for the resolution of the matter adding that he expects again to meet the duo in the winter moot. GM Rangers commented that it is not only us who are willing to bring him back but the duo also wants to remain be a part of the franchise, further remarking that he doesn’t know how the matter will be resolved.

C. J Wilson is being hunted by a lot of leagues. The duo of Wilson and Bob recently met Los Angeles Angels representatives in addition to having talks with newly renamed Miami Marlins. Apart from these two relatively small teams hefty franchises such as Nationals, Yankees, Red Sox and others are also in need of an effective starting pitcher and therefore might or have showed their intimation in signing the left hander.

Rangers have been quite active recently in arranging its roster appointing players at different positions to fill up the deficiency in their bullpen. Signing of closer Joe Nathan is also a part of revamping the relieving squad. John Daniels when asked to comment on the probable comeback of Wilson said that we can wait for the spring training and do the reordering later adding that by solidifying bullpen doesn’t mean we will compromise on the starting pitchers part.

The mist from the C. J Wilson allegiance matter will vanish at or soon after the winter moot. Let’s see what the duo (Wilson, Bob) and on the other hand teams chasing the young gun have in their minds to accept or offer. For now Wilson is in demand and he is needed by the leaders of the game.


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