Tera Moody to promote MBT, sponsorship agreement between Moody and MBT

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  • Tera Moody to promote MBT, sponsorship agreement between Moody and MBT

Tera Moody to promote MBT, sponsorship agreement between Moody and MBT

Tera Moody, the 30-year-old long distance runner from America, representative of the United States back in 2009 World Championships, signed a multi-faceted sponsorship agreement with MBT, the famous physiological footwear brand.

It is definitely a financially stable deal for Moody, the three times World Marathon Champion who is hopeful for her success in the next year’s London Olympics. However, it is undoubtedly a privilege for MBT as well.

Moody, two times Illinois Champion while running for St. Charles East High School, has been a fan of MBT products for a long time.

The cherished runner has often been observed to wear the curved sole footwear before and after her training sessions to help relieve aching joints.

The seasoned runner, who went to represent Colorado Buffaloes at Track and Cross Country, is expected to do a real promotional job for her primary sponsor of the year.

Moreover, while talking about her commitment towards the company’s products, Moody said, “I’ve been wearing MBTs for years and I definitely think they prevent injury. As someone who runs 100 miles a week, I put an incredible strain on my body. With MBTs, I know I am taking good care of my feet and supporting them so I can stay healthy”.

She said that it was only the MBT’s brand she was interest in, and thus, she was excited to spread the word about its promotion.

As per the agreement, Moody will be featured in the company’s advertisements in the remaining part of the year 2011 and the entire 2012.

Besides the usual marketing techniques, the girl will also make herself available for the tradeshows and marathon expos. Furthermore, she will be promoting the brand on social media.

While commenting about having Moody on board for the promotion of their brand, David Ludd, Director Marketing of MBT said, “We are honored to be partnering with such an elite and credible figure in the running world. MBT is all about keeping people active, comfortable and performing at their best. Tera’s personal and authentic testimonial for MBT validates our footwear as a recovery tool for athletes”.

Tera Moody’s association with MBT’s brand has been in place for a long time. However, with the signing of the sponsorship agreement, Moody and MBT have officially entered into a formal partnership, with the latter promoting the former’s brand.


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