Tennis- Love for Game or Money

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  • Tennis- Love for Game or Money

Love or Money? What is it.



Tennis is world’s most pleasant and entertaining sport. At the same time, it is also considered one of the most expensive games in the world. Throughout the year, this sport is on a run and some activity is going on. Being the best sport in the world, it is knotted into the everyday life, be it on the television, in magazines, in schools, colleges or in social networks, it is simply everywhere.

Nobody can run away from the influence of this game, either as a spectator or a participant. Every year sponsors pour million of dollars into tennis industry.


Here the question arises, is it the love for sport or the prize money?

What is the main inspiration for players?

What is the basic reason behind their good performance and dedication?


 As in the other sports, there is this general thought prevailed that for players it is no longer about the love of the game or keeping loyalty to your team or fans, it is all a matter of money, or more to the point, “Show me the money”. Does it hold true for the game of tennis?


The all four Grand Slam tournaments offer great opportunities to the players from around the world to bring the best of their skills and techniques in the field and get very high rewards in the form of prize money and the status.

The first Major tournament, the Australian Open Championship is held every year in the month of January at Melbourne Park, Australia. This tournament usually has a very high turnout and it achieved the highest ever attendance this year. All the factors put huge influence on the game. No doubt that the game awesome but it involved $24094000 prize money which was the obvious reason to work mind, body and soul for the success. Serena Williams in the women’s section and Roger Federer on the other side proved to be the lucky ones to achieve success and collect the prize.


This event is followed by the second Grand Slam, the French Open which starts in late May and lasts for two weeks. The prize money for this event is 16,150,460 which is a great attraction and it definitely adds a lot of value to the play.


Similarly Wimbledon involves a £ 13,725,000 which is huge amount of money.

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