Team Arsenal versus Manchester United: “A Potential Title Decider”

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  • Team Arsenal versus Manchester United: “A Potential Title Decider”

Arsenal and Man Utd have provided the football fans with great memories and they still continue to follow for what they are famous for! This season, it is between them that who will be the proud champion of the English title. Almost ninety percent of the English titles are shared between them. Manchester United has won eleven league titles, where as Arsenal three since 1992.

There have been mouth watering contests between the two clubs and for the neutrals it has been fascinating to watch these teams battle it out. This season only three points separate them till now and it seems that they shall be the only two possible contenders of the Premier League. Last time, Arsenal beat Man Utd in a title contest which was the FA Cup final in 2005 where Gunners won the game after a penalty shoot out when Arsenal won it five to four, after a nil nil draw.

Arsenal is due to play Man Utd at Emirates on first of May. Till then a lot will be dependent on how the teams perform in the mean time. However, looking at the fixtures it seems, even at that time they still will be neck to neck. Both the clubs are expected to win their respective games till then. Man Utd has to play three games in Premier League before the crucial tie, where as, Gunners have a busy next month and they shall be taking on five teams before welcoming Man Utd at their turf. Man Utd has to play against West Ham, Fulham and Everton. They will be playing Hammers away from home but the other two teams will make their trip to Old Trafford. As far as Arsenal is concerned they shall be playing their games against Blackburn Rovers, Blackpool, Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspurs and Bolton Wanderers. Keep in mind Red Devils have other commitments as well in the FA Cup and also the Champions league, which can be a crucial factor when they eventually take on the Gunners. At the moment Man Utd has played a game more then Arsenal and are leading them with five points.

To the devils advantage, Arsenal has to play three out of their five matches away from home and one of their trips is to their north London neighbours Spurs, who are on a form of their life and are playing good football in every competition. Notably, they have beaten Italian power house AC Milan in the Champions’ League. So, that trip shall not be an easy one for the Gunners and earlier this season Spurs has beaten arsenal at Emirates, two goals to three, which is a great feat in itself and speaks volume of the talent this team possesses. Not only this, Arsenal has another crucial tie against Liverpool and they will not be easy to play even at Emirates. Man Utd has just lost to them recently and the same can happen to the Gunners if Dirk Kuyt repeats his heroics. If Arsenal has to play against the lights of Liverpool and the Spurs, it is not much different for Man Utd as well. It is for sure that they have an easy run as compared to Arsenal till first of May in the Premier League but one can not deny the fact that they are still involved in the Champions’ League and also FA Cup. They have to play Chelsea home and away and will be facing Man City at Old Trafford in a knock out match. This means that Man Utd has to play six games in total before they take on Arsenal and half of these games are a possible step forward to a title, increasing the significance of these games even more.

It can be safely said that a title race hangs in a fine balance and it is yet not over for both teams.




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