Tatenda Taibu and Ashish Bagai – Wicket Keepers to be watched in The ICC World Cup 2011.

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  • Tatenda Taibu and Ashish Bagai – Wicket Keepers to be watched in The ICC World Cup 2011.

Tatenda Taibu and Ashish Bagai –Keepers to view in ICC World Cup

A wicket keeper plays an important role in the solidarity of a cricket team. He is supposed to have the safest hands in the field by wearing the keeping gloves which enables him to catch even a bullet like cut or stumping in a flash by holding a ball missed by a batsman or doing so by collecting a wide delivery. He can be a cause of defeat for the team once he fails to make a catch behind the stumps or by missing a stumping chance.

We will analyse the two wicket keepers of Zimbabwean and Canadian teams participating in the ICC World Cup match being played today, the 28th of February at Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium, Jamtha, and Nagpur, India. Tatenda Taibu for Zimbabwe and Ashish Bagai are the wicket keepers taking part in the game today and we will highlight their careers.

Tatenda Taibu was born on 14th May, 1983 at Harare, he is a wicket keeper batsman in the team who bats right-hand. He had the craze of playing cricket since he was in school and got an opportunity to play for Zimbabwe at the early age of 16 years. He became the youngest captain in the cricket history at the age of 21 years when he led the national team against the West Indies.

He is a world class wicket keeper and has played many vital innings for Zimbabwe as well. He missed a well deserved century in today’s match by just 2 runs.’

Taibu commenced his One Day International career on 23rd June, 2001 against the Windies at Harare.  He has grabbed 107 catches and 28 stumping behind the wickets. He has played 131 matches and scored 2819 runs, the highest of unbeaten 107 runs at an average of 28.76 runs with 2 centuries and 16 fifties.

He made his debut in Test cricket on 19th July, 2001 against the Caribbean’s as well and has played 24 matches. He grabbed 48 catches and 4 stumpings, has scored 1,273 runs, the highest of 153 runs at an average of 29.60 runs with a solo hundred and 9 fifties.

Taibu started playing T20 format of cricket against Australia at Cape Town on 12th September, 2007. He has played 13 matches, secured 4 catches and 5 stumpings. He scored 189 runs at an average of 27.00 runs with the best of 45 runs.

Ashish Bagai was born on 26th January, 1982 at Delhi, India. He is the captain of the present Canadian team participating in the tournament, a specialist wicket keeper and a solid right-hand batsman. He was declared the best wicket keeper of the tournament in the 1996 under- 15 Cricket World Cup. He has taken 2 brilliant catches in today’s match so far.’

 He has played 54 ODI matches for Canada which are the record appearances for any Canadian cricketer in this form of cricket. He holds the record of being the highest scorer for Canada. Once he scored unbeaten 137 runs against Scotland on 31st January, 2007 at Ruaraka Sports Club Ground, Nairobi. He shared 100 runs partnership with Asif Mulla in that match when the later scored 48 runs but Canada lost that thriller by 7 runs.

Ashish made his ODI debut against Bangladesh on 11th of February, 2003 at Kingsmead, Durban which Canada won by 60 runs. He has a brilliant record as a keeper, snatched 50 catches and 9 stumpings. He has scored 1,758 runs at a healthy average of 37.40 with the highest of unbeaten 137 with 2 centuries and 14 fifties.

He started his T20 career against Netherlands on 2nd august, 2008 at Civil Service Cricket Club, Stormont, and Belfast. He has appeared in 7 matches, scored 169 runs at an average of 28.16 runs with the best of 53 runs which the only fifty he has scored the shortest form of cricket.

Ashish is the best player for Canada and doing his best in the ongoing tournament.

Tatenda Taibu and Ashish Bagai are the backbones of their squads and their teams will depend on their wicket keeping and batting skills enabling them to a respectable position in the current ICC World Cup 2011.



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