Sunbirds will announce a new volleyball coach today

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  • Sunbirds will announce a new volleyball coach today

Sunbirds will announce a new volleyball coach today

Fresno Pacific University (FPU) athletics program will finalize the name of new head coach for its nationally accredited volleyball program from amongst the Tracy Ainger-Schulte and Kelly Winter today.

The nation’s top-notch volleyball squad at Fresno Pacific University will uncover the name of its new head coach today. FPU athletics spokesperson, Jeremiah Wood will meet the press in Sunbirds Sports Gymnasium.

Sunbirds volleyball program is looking for a new head coach after its previous coach Denis Janzen, grasped the position of Director Athletics, last month. Denis served the Sunbirds volleyball squad in various conference championships as well as NCAA Division play-offs.

FPU athletics authorities has shortlisted the names of two former key players of Sunbirds squad. Tracy Ainger-Schulte, head volleyball coach at Fresno City College and ex-assistant coach at Fresno Pacific University, Kelly Winter are scrutinized from a long list of Veterans.

FPU athletics board invited both the candidates to meet the players of Sunbirds squad and socialize with them in order to leave an impact of their leadership skills, which helped the authorities to get the feedback from players.

Sunbirds volleyball squad enjoys a rich and applauding sport history and victories such as four time National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) title in a row and six overall title wins under the coaching of Dennis Janzen. FPU marked a figure of 373-18 in last ten years of its national play-offs, whereas Dennis Janzen recorded a great figure of 867-168 in his career.

Coaching candidate Tracy had a great experience of coaching at Fresno City squad as well as an assistant to Janzen. Tracy played in Sunbirds squad and led the team to NAIA tournament for three times and she was the first athlete from FPU to become three-time All-American and also won the title of NAIA National Volleyball Player in 1996.

Kelly Winter also played and worked at FPU in Janzen’s staff for four seasons. She also achieved the title of NAIA All-American athlete in 2000 and led the squad to Golden State Athletes Conference wins and NAIA Regional Championship twice. Olympics 2012 athletics sports basketball golf Denis Janzen coaching Sunbirds


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