Stat Attack: Barcelona and the first half of the Spanish La Liga (Part 1)

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  • Stat Attack: Barcelona and the first half of the Spanish La Liga (Part 1)

Stat Attack: Barcelona and the first half of the Spanish La Liga (Part 1)

The Spanish La Liga came to an interesting turn as half of the season ended this past weekend. There were results that shocked a few fans, including Real Madrid’s disastrous draw against Almeria while being away from home. Jose Mourinho’s men were to face the bottommost Spanish La Liga side away from home and they were able to contain the Los Blancos and did not let them find the back of the net more than once. Almeria also scored a goal as the match came to an end and with Real Madrid drawing the game, their title race slowed down.

The current Spanish Champions, Barcelona are now enjoying at the top of the Primera Division with a gap of four points. The Catalan Giants drew one game and lost one game compared to Real Madrid who lost one and drew two. With these statistics, Real Madrid are now four points behind Barcelona which makes it easier for them to concentrate on games as they don’t have any pressure against any team.

With half of the Spanish La Liga season finishing, following are the statistics produced by the “high-flying” Josep Guardiola’s Barcelona side:

Barcelona managed to break many records this season and it only took them half a season to do so. After winning the game against Malaga the past weekend, the Spanish Champions were able to produce some astonishing statistics and facts.

In the Spanish La Liga, Barcelona’s goal difference is a massive +50. This year they scored 61 goals in only have of the season and they have conceded only 11. With this record, no other team in the league comes close to them.

The total number of points available to Barcelona so far this season are 57 and from them, the Catalan Giants have won 52. This record is not only extraordinary in the history of Barcelona but in fact in the history of the Spanish La Liga. This is for the first time that a Spanish team has won so many points from the first half of the season.

After winning 4-1 against Malaga, Barcelona have managed to beat their own best unbeaten run of the season 1973-1974. Back then, the Catalan Giants remained unbeaten for 27 games in all competitions. However, under Josep Guardiola, the Spanish Champions have outdone their own record and now they are 28 games unbeaten.

Even though the Spanish Champions have broken a lot of old records during this season, they are still to beat their best “all-win” record. The best run for the Catalan Giants came during Frank Rijkard’s era. Back in 2005-2006, Barcelona won 14 games in row and currently they have won 13. With these statistics intact, it means that Josep Guardiola has to win one more game to come on even terms with Frank Rijkard’s Barcelona side.

All the Barcelona players have been consistent this season. There have been very few injuries as Josep Guardiola gave rest to his special players during easy games.

Even though there were fewer players who were given a rest, there are only two players who have shown great physical fitness in the Spanish La Liga. The Spanish midfielder Andres Iniesta and the Barcelona number 1 goal stopper, Victor Valdes are the only two players who have started for Barcelona in all the games that have been played in the Spanish Primera Liga. 


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