Spanish League Already Won by Barcelona

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  • Spanish League Already Won by Barcelona

Barcelona are currently eight points ahead of second placed Real Madrid with seven games to go in the league and it is now beyond doubt that they have won their third league title in a row.


On Saturday Barcelona defeated Almeria with a superb brace from Lionel Messi who has now equalised his own record of 47 goals in a single season with almost 10 games to spare. The win saw the Catalans pass the 2nd placed Madrid with a clear eight points and now it seems that the league is all but over.


It has been a superb performance all around by Barcelona. Let it be defence, mid field or strikers, Barcelona has dominated all the aspects of the game and they have shown the character that is required to win a league. Not only have they won it, they have done it in style by breaking a lot of records on the way. The humbles ness, the play, the on-field and off-field character of the players is unmatchable and that really defines the stature of the club. With almost seven games to spare, the race to the title is already over and it says a lot about this team. Not only that, it also says a lot about the other teams like Real Madrid and Valencia, and it clearly illustrate how ordinary a season they all had.


Barcelona started their campaign in the same manner as they left the field last season. They played attractive football, they held the ball well and they gave no room to complacency once they were on the field. At the time they reached mid-season break, they had broken all the previous mid season records. Similarly the way they defeated the Real Madrid at Camp Nou is enough of an anecdote to complete the story of their season.


Pep Guardiolo once again was amazing in his decision at some very crucial stages of the season. Its his third season with the club and believe or not, he has won everything every time he comes out. To put icing on top, he does it in a way, no other club or team does. He truly is a man of humble nature when he has every rite to be a proud man.


Individually the season went well for almost every player of Barcelona. So far, it’s the best season of Lionel Messi in terms of goals. Pedro and Iniesta also scored their highest goals this season. Dani Alves had his moments with the ball that made him an important part of the campaign. Eric Abidal was not only excellent in defence, but also scored his first ever goal in almost 400 games. Furthermore in defence Pique held the ball well and made it really difficult for other teams to break Barcelona’s defence.


With all that, the player who really is backbone to Catalans playing style is Xavi. Although his assists are not as lethal as they were last season, still he made it out as their best player in mid-field and that is where Barcelona defeated all other teams.


Eight points lead and almost seven games to go, the league is already won. What would be interesting to see would be the difference in points from Real Madrid once the season finally ends. It would not be a shock if a record is made there as well.




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