Sleeping In an Oxygen Tent Boosts My Hopes for Gold, Says Helen Clitheroe

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  • Sleeping In an Oxygen Tent Boosts My Hopes for Gold, Says Helen Clitheroe

Sleeping In an Oxygen Tent Boosts My Hopes for Gold, Says Helen Clitheroe

As the famous saying goes, ‘success has its own intoxication’; to feel this intoxication again and again, athletes around the globe usually remain absorbed into the activities that could contribute towards their success on the field. One such athlete is Helen Clitheroe from Preston. In order to boost her temperament for enhanced stamina and better physical fitness, Clitheroe is using an Oxygen tent to sleep into it.

The 37-year old athlete, who bagged the 3,000m title at the European Indoor Championships in Paris, when asked about using this relatively new temperament boosting technique, said that she was using the tent to create altitude conditions.

While during an interview with a radio station in Lancashire, she said that sometimes she herself questioned this approach of hers, however, she also admitted that the altitude training has proved to be really positive and thus, she will continue to sleep in her oxygen tent.

Revealing the technique how she builds this tent, Clitheroe said, “You build it over the bed and put the mattress in the tent. It looks like a dome with a tube that goes in attached to a generator which isn’t quiet. You then need earplugs although you can hear the air blowing in and it’s like someone’s heavy breathing.” After fixing it, she said, one needs to turn it up gradually, and this gives a feeling as if one is sleeping at an equivalent of around 2,800m.

The young athlete is currently setting her eyes on to the 5000m event at the world champions in South Korea in August. After representing Great Britain in Korea, Clitheroe also plans to make it into the 10,000m in next year’s London Olympics.

Talking in context of her preparations for the big event of 2012, she said, “I think I’ve got a better chance of making the team and running well at longer distances so that’s why we’ve made this decision. Me and my husband (Neil) took advice from John (Nuttall former coach) to work out what the best plan of action to make the Olympic team.” She said that they just need to see how this year unfolds for them with a view to what she was going to try and do in the Olympic Games if she succeeds in making it into the team.

Revealing the fact that she had set her eyes on to the bigger titles, she said that she had changed the focus of her training, and now she wanted to run five and 10k races. Thus, whatever training she had been doing all this summer to do the indoor, was ultimately aimed for the longer distances.


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