Should Floyd Mayweather Consider Robert Guerrero’s Challenge of Fighting Him in 2012?

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  • Should Floyd Mayweather Consider Robert Guerrero’s Challenge of Fighting Him in 2012?

Robert Guerrero, the American boxer also known as The Ghost, has challenged Floyd Mayweather to a bout on May 5, 2012. Robert is already seen as one of the best fighters around. Robert started his professional boxing career at the age of 18 and then moved on to become the IBF featherweight champion twice and the IBF Super Featherweight champion once. During all this time, Robert earned himself love and honour of the crowd as well as the critics. Today, many boxing viewers are of the view that Robert is far better than Manny and Mayweather. They think that Mayweather and Pacquiao have acquired public attention due to their out-of-the-ring activities and controversies whereas Robert is the true fighter. Who knows, maybe Robert is the next big thing since we have news of Marquez and Manny retiring soon. With all of this, the question remains – should Mayweather fight Robert or should he find another opponent?

Well, we don’t know how Floyd selects his opponent but looking at the achievements of Robert and his public demand we can say that he can give Mayweather a tough time. Here are some of the reasons as to why we think Mayweather should accept his challenge:

He’s in Demand...

It’s not like Robert is more popular than Manny. Definitely, Manny vs. Floyd is going to be one of the best fights ever. So, if that happens it will be for the good of everyone. But, what if Manny vs. Floyd doesn’t happen? Floyd will surely need another tough opponent to draw fans. He will need someone who is as popular as Manny. There aren’t a lot of fighters who are as popular as Manny or Marquez. Robert and Amir Khan are the only two rising stars who are good enough and popular enough to fight Mayweather.

Manny is Reluctant for Match...

Recently, we have seen and heard a lot from Bob Arum and Pacquiao regarding the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao. And as far as we can judge, chances of the match happening are very low. So, with all of what’s coming from Manny, we are pretty sure that Mayweather is not anymore interested in the bout giving the least to what the fans want. Don’t you think Robert is the only option left since Amir Khan has his reservations and is not as popular in America as Robert?

Robert Has a Severe Shoulder Injury...

This is the area where Mayweather can capitalize on. We all know that shoulders never completely recover once they go through a severe injury. So, Floyd has two options i.e. either fight Amir or Robert. Amir seems to be in the best of his shape while Robert is rehabbing with a shoulder injury. If Floyd wants to win and if he wants to play smartly then Robert should be his choice. But, if he wants to put up a super-fight for his fans then Amir Khan should be his selection.

Right now everything seems to be a mess. Fighters are trying their best to get the biggest opponents for their next fights. Robert has been pushing hard on Mayweather to fight him but no response from Mayweather yet. Amir Khan is probably being scheduled to fight Mayweather but nothing is sure for now. I guess promoters are trying to gauge the weight of each opponent before making decisions. Mayweather is already the champ and he needs to deliver exceptional performance for his fans since they have waited a long time to see him in real action. Robert seems like the fighter who can go head to head with Mayweather. But, will Mayweather accept his offer?


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