Serie A Special: A new and 'fun to watch' Inter Milan!

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  • Serie A Special: A new and

Serie A Special: A new and 'fun to watch' Inter Milan!

The appointment of Leonardo was perhaps the best decision made by Signor Moratti!

The case of Nerazzurri’s appointment of Leonardo is a pretty peculiar one and can be compared to a couple giving the wedding speech. Once the formality is over, the pair lets down their hair and finally starts relaxing a bit more. And there is definitely something about Inter Milan of the same magnitude.

Satisfying Massimo Moratti’s lifelong obsession to win the FIFA Club World Cup was something Benitez delivered after some really inept and edgy performances in Italy and in Europe. But since coming back, Inter have become the ‘Serie A team to watch.’

Of course there have been numerous high-profile and sudden changes at the club with Brazilian Leonardo stepping in to replace the ‘never-admired’ Rafael Benitez and some ‘huge’ January signs have made Inter look like a daunting prospect. One of those signings is Giampaolo Pazzini who has made an instant impact and all signs indicate that Inter Milan is headed for a major breakthrough.

Under former manager Jose Mourinho Inter Milan inspired a lot of different emotions among fans and directors but pleasure was never one of those emotions. Inter Milan under Jose Mourinho was always an overwhelming and awe-inspiring side because of the way they used to strangle the living lights out of the opponent like a huge python before gulping it down. That side knew how to bring the best of adversary down to its’ knees. But in many games, Inter Milan wasn’t fun to watch neither for the fans or a neutral viewer.

Benitez replaced Jose Mourinho and in order to let the club move on from the ‘special era’, tried putting in an expansive element to the Inter side that eventually turned out disastrous and catastrophic for both him and the club. Samuel Eto’o got a free role in that element and he became a ruthless goalscorer but the defense on the other hand became shaky as Inter usually struggled for results and draws were nothing but mere consolation as the reigning European champions looked like a shadow of their former selves. Benitez’s successor Leonardo has done pretty well with the team so far and has combined panache and points in a very exciting and excellent manner.

Now, Nerazzurri has become a team to watch in the Serie A. under the Special One, Inter used to be feared and admired by opponents but that team never got one’s pulse racing when it took the field. Recent outings have changed all that. For a neutral, Inter can safely be called a great treat these days!

The reason behind this can be attributed to the defense getting leakier than a roof damaged by storm. Lucio and Walter Samuel’s absence has definitely played a part in this but a more maverick or ‘cavalierish’ approach towards matches is another reason behind this. AC Milan fans would be more familiar with those tactics than most as Leonardo applied the same tactics there aswell.

The recent goal galore against Roma was a proof of ‘no matter how much you guys score, we’ll get even more’ philosophy. Many Inter fans have pointed out that the team under Mourinho used to give up leads but that’s an exception- under new coach Leonardo, this appears to have become a rule.

Many pundits see this as a tactical weakness on the Brazilian’s part.  They argue that with so much talent available he should be mauling the opponents more convincingly while others say that he is just trying to make the best out of the attacking talent he has at his disposal.

Whatever maybe the case, it is making an epic storyline of how Inter tried to comeback and overhaul their bitter rivals in the quest to win back-to-back Serie A titles. The only question that remains is will this Inter Milan side that has made a new discovery about its goalscoring prowess turn out like a drunkard man on the dance floor too often? Or will this side go on to make the biggest Scudetto assault in the rich history of Italian Serie A?



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