Serie A: Abel Hernandez robbed on his way back from training

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  • Serie A: Abel Hernandez robbed on his way back from training

Serie A: Abel Hernandez robbed on his way back from training

Palermo’s striker Abel Hernandez faced the scariest moment in his life when he was being robbed from all his valuables at a gun point on his way back from the training. Palermo is an Italian club that plays in the Serie A and is currently placed 7th on the league table with just a point behind 6th placed Juventus.

The Uruguayan striker along with one of his friends was going back to his home after attending the club’s training session when he came across the unfortunate incident. The Rosanero forward was in a relaxing mood after a hard training session and on the mid way, a motor cyclist seemingly collided with his car. The 20 year old right away stopped the car and stepped out to see if there was any damage done to his car.

As Hernandez was about to sit back in the car, he was stopped in his tracks by the same motor cyclist and demanded everything that he possessed at that moment by directing the gun towards his mouth. It left the striker puzzled as both He and his companion were robbed off on the spot as the mugger ran away without causing any further harm.

Abel was left bemused as he could not believe what has happened and something that he never expected. Fortunately, the striker was safe. The first think he did was that he went to the police station and explained each and everything in detail. He also demanded some sort of an action from the kops.

The armed man was believed to be a youngster between the age of 19 or 20.

The player’s agent Vincenzo D’lppolito insisted that the incident won’t have any effect on the striker’s commitment to the club and the Uruguayan will brush aside everything once he resumes training with the club.

"I have spoken to the player, and he is terrified," the agent told Sport Italia. "He will not leave Palermo.”

Hernandez joined the Serie A club in 2009 and since then has made 43 appearances for the club which saw him scoring 13 goals in all the competitions.

The striker’s agent further confirmed that the Uruguayan is in fine shape now and for the time being he wants to forget the horrors of that evening by spending time with his family.

"The player was very scared, but now is tranquil as he is with family," added the agent.

Palermo plays their next game against Bologna on Saturday, the 19 of February, 2011 when the Rosanero’s travel away to Stadio Dall’Ara.

The club will hope that the striker can soon put the incident behind him and return in training to be able to travel away with the team for their next fixture.


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