Seahawks Matt Hasselbeck questionable, Charlie Whitehurst to start Sunday

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  • Seahawks Matt Hasselbeck questionable, Charlie Whitehurst to start Sunday

Seahawks Matt Hasselbeck questionable, Charlie Whitehurst to start Sunday

After coming out of last week’s game with only four pass attempts due to a hip injury, Matt Hasselbeck, quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks, was limited in his first practice of the week on Friday, but did practice, bringing speculation that he might play in the showdown for the NFC West crown and playoff spot on Sunday.

Although Hasselbeck seems to be recovering, Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll seems to think that backup quarterback Charlie Whitehurst might be the better option for Sunday night’s game against the St. Louis Rams.

"Charlie's going, we've been committed to that because that's what we can count on, that's what we know," Carroll told a local newspaper. "We'll go to game time and see what happens."

Hasselbeck will officially be listed as questionable for the game against St. Louis. The game will be an important one, with the winner taking the division title and playoff spot and the losers getting nothing, but it will be difficult after Hasselbeck strained his hip last week.

He ran into the end zone and wasn’t touched at all, but fell to the ground wincing in pain. He was forced to leave the game and did not return.

Carroll said that he was surprised as to how much effort the number one quarterback could put into his first practice of the week.

"He's not ready to play a game today, but he got some work done and he needed to feel getting in the huddle and making his calls," the coach said. "It's going to make him feel better about the plan if he had a chance to play. I think we've done everything we can do at this point."

However, Carroll made it clear that Hasselbeck coming back to practice does not guarantee that he will play on Sunday.

"This is just a step, this is the first step to figuring out how Matt can handle the physical stuff," Carroll said. "I don't want us to be distracted by that. He's diligently going about preparing to play, and that's exactly what we need him to do.

Whitehurst was in the quarterback position for all plays on Friday, and may get his second career start on Sunday.

The game plan of the Seahawks has been changed to match Whitehurst’s strengths, with the team trying to become the first in the NFL to clinch their division with a losing record. Winning on Sunday would make Seattle 7-9.

Their game against the Rams will start at 8:20 PM ET on Sunday January 2 at Qwest Field.

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