San Diego Padres add to the Giants’ woe: San Francisco Giants lose another match

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  • San Diego Padres add to the Giants’ woe: San Francisco Giants lose another match


The Giants continue to thrill their rivals. This time it was the San Diego Padres' turn to thrash the former champions; sweet revenge for last season. The Giants have but themselves to blame as it was the fourth defeat in the last four encounters they had.

Aaron Harang began the Giants attrition for San Diego having constrained Andres and Freddy Sanchez, though failed to intimidate Aubrey Huff of the San Francisco Giants who charged him, grounded out to first and with A Torres’ help scored the first and only run for the Giants. There and then, an apparent pall of doom fell on the Giants which limited them to only one home run. San Diego Padres then had to face Madison Bumgarner who pitched a scoreless inning.

Up to the bottom of third there was no excitement untill ofcourse Padres’ Chase Hadley and Chris Denorfia charged Madison Bumgarner. Jorge Cantu of the Pardres was the first to hit sacrifice fly to the left where N Hundley scored the second run for the team. Headley struck the ball that enabled him to walk and J Barlette to score. Bumgarner then became a target of Chris Denorfia who reached on an infield single to the pitcher once he hit Bumgarner, allowing R Ludwick to score.

The Padres kept their grip on the game then onwards, allowing the San Francisco no opportunity at all. Aaron Harang was simply unplayable. It was his debut game. He succeeded in pitching consecutive six innings hard.

San Diego Padres have in the recent past caused mild astonishment, if not outright laughter, by changing their uniforms repeatedly. That could not save them from being ousted in the last season when the Giants went against them with all force.

This time, it was the change of guard that could bring them the luck. And it eventually did. Jed Hoyer, the general manager of the Padres, said: “Last year we didn’t have a balanced lineup,” Hoyer said. “We had outstanding performances from our starting pitching and bullpen, but we didn’t have a single position player that had an outstanding year. It wasn’t a team that bashed its way to success.

“We’ve strengthened up the middle (Bartlett, second baseman Hudson and center fielder Maybin), where we weren’t strong. That team just had a knack for doing things well, scratching as clawing. But we won because of our run prevention — and our defense will be better this year and our pitching is almost the same.” This was a fairly measured view. The Padres have finally started doing something different this time.


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