Samsung Diamond League – Liu Xiang meets Tiger Woods at Sports University Beijing

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  • Samsung Diamond League – Liu Xiang meets Tiger Woods at Sports University Beijing

Samsung Diamond League – Liu Xiang meets Tiger Woods at Sports University Beijing

Liu Xiang, the 2004 Olympian and champion of the World 110m Hurdles 2007 from China, who is training hard to prepare himself for the outdoor season opener Samsung Diamond League competition being held in Shanghai on May 15, meets Tiger Woods, the legendary golfer who is visiting Beijing these days, in Sports University Beijing.

During a planned visit to the university, the two men shared their sporting experiences with the students and discussed with them the highs and low of their careers. The motive behind sharing such experiences was to impart the basic rule to the students that has been governing the lives of the legends for century; and that states, if one can free one’s mind from everything else and can get it focused on facing up the challenges, one can accomplish anything one wishes to.

Xiang, the 27-year old athlete who held the world sprit hurdles record for long, participated into third Asian Games of his career in Guangzhou, China, held in November last year. The player depicted there a promising performance for making it to cross the finishing line in 13.09, and maintained his impressive performance in the following solid indoor season organized in Europe.

Liu Xiang has been long striving to make a comeback from years of injuries which had posed some sever hindrances on the way to his career since he limped out while appearing into the opening round of the Olympic Games 2008. However, making a comeback, the time he clocked at Guangzhou made him emerge as the third fastest hurdler in the world. For bagging the title, he closely followed David Oliver, the 2008 Olympic bronze medallist from USA and Dayron Robles from Cuba, who was entitled for the Beijing Olympic crown.

Talking about injuries he suffered from, Liu Xiang told the student at the university, “Every time you break out of a bottleneck point, you go beyond yourself. Every challenge of this kind is an opportunity to strengthen and reinvent yourself.”

According the news quoted by a Chinese news agency, Liu Xiang had admitted before the students that the road towards his recovery was fraught with formidable difficulties which were accompanied by unimaginable pressure and pain both mentally and physically. However, the athlete also admitted that those difficult times had opened up his eyes and provided encouragement to face the hardships head on, to disregard the pressures and instead of dwelling upon the demoralizing judgments passed on by the others, just to believe in himself while completely forgetting about the successes and failures.

The season outdoor debut made by Xiang on May 15 couldn’t turn into a tougher competition, and now the runner is expected to face David Oliver at the Dunlop Shanghai Golden Grand Prix, the second leaf of the 14 meeting 2011 Samsung Diamond League.


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