Salomon Kalou not worried about Chelsea forwards goal scoring drought

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  • Salomon Kalou not worried about Chelsea forwards goal scoring drought

Salomon Kalou not worried about Chelsea forwards goal scoring drought

The Chelsea forward Salomon Kalou is not worried about the forwards lack of ability to score goals in recent times as he denied the point of view that Chelsea strikers are struggling to find their feet in recent times.  Kalou has insisted that he is unconcerned about the goal scoring drought of Club strikers. Kalou is on the stance, that it is the end result which matters the most rather than the individualistic performances and the things like who has scored most number of goals for the club.

This misfortune for the Chelsea strikers started when Fernando Torres made his way to Stamford Bridge during the January transfer window for £50 million which broke all the previous transfer records in British history.  Torres, who has scored 81 goals in his total of 142 appearances for Liverpool during his three-and-a-half year spell, has yet to break his goal scoring duck for Chelsea. Didier Drogba, Nicolas Anelka, Torres and Kalou himself have failed to score a goal ever since Torres has joined Carlo Ancelotti’s team.

The 25-year-old Ivory Coast International, Kalou, while defending the goal scoring drought of Chelsea strikers said “It doesn't matter who scores because, when you are coming back to the top as a team, you have to focus more on the result.”

Chelsea strikers have been finding it difficult to find the opponent’s net but still they have managed somehow to stun their opponents in last few weeks. Chelsea have extended their winning streak to three matches on a row as their latest victory was against Manchester City where the goals of Ramires and David Luiz have cruised Blues to a success. The midfielders and defenders played an important role in their latest victory over City.

Kalou said “There are some moments when it's the defenders who score and the most important thing is that the team must stick together and win games.”

Salomon Kalou, who was given the preference ahead of Didier Drogba and Nicolas Anelka in the Sunday’s match against Roberto Mancini’s Manchester City said “That's one of our best games, where we've put the team under pressure and where we keep the ball and create chances. That's our level, so I believe if we continue like that, we can put Manchester United under pressure”

The win against Roberto Mancini’s men have put Chelsea on the third position in the English Premier League table ahead of Manchester City and it would have given a new ray of hope to Chelsea to defend their Premier League title.

Chelsea would be hoping that their strikers will pay off in the upcoming match on 02 April against Stoke City as they need to step up in case they want to reclaim the Premier League title.


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