Salman Butt 'not concerned with the plan' - Cricket News Update

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Salman Butt 'not concerned with the plan' – Cricket News Update

Pakistan former Captain Salman Butt and fast-medium bowler Mohammad Asif are facing accusations of plan to deceive, and scheme to obtain and accept fraudulent payments, after the Lord's Test in August last year when they purportedly connived with the tainted arbitrator Mazhar Majeed, young fast bowler Mohammad Amir and other people unfamiliar to bowl pre-meditated no-balls. Asif and Butt refuted the accusations.

Ali Bajwa, the Butt’s lawyer, told the adjudicators that there was a little criminal plan between Majeed and Amir if you just consider the evidence. Majeed told the Mazhar Mahmood, the covert reporter, when Amir would deliver his no-balls. Then Majeed calls Amir and said they have spoken about everything before. Then the next day Amir accordingly delivered one of the two no-balls that had been guaranteed.

The second no-ball was washed away by the rain on that day and then Amir received a short text message from Majeed in which he asked Amir to bowl the second no-ball on the third delivery of his third over and Amir did accordingly. Bajwa added that they have conceded that there is a sturdy proof against Majeed and Amir and they also agreed that there has not been any sane elucidation for that.

Alleged former Pakistan Skipper Salman Butt’s lawyer has recommended the adjudicators during the suspected spot-fixing trial that his client should not be included in the criminal conspiracy that might have been between the fast bowler Mohammad Amir and the tainted mediator Mazhar Majeed.

Butt said a word his lawyer Ali Bajwa QC outlined on the ninth day of the trial at Southwark Crown Court "strong evidence" against Amir and how he allegedly colluded with Majeed and when he did bowl his now infamous no-balls "he overstepped by a considerable distance".

Before the former Skipper was cross-checked, his lawyer went on with his preface, additional inquiring the honesty of Majeed.

"We say Salman Butt only finds himself here on trial because of words of his friend and former agent Mazhar Majeed," Bajwa told the jury. "We say Mazhar Majeed has grossly abused the trust Mr Butt showed in him."

However, he asked the adjudicators that if they do concede there was a criminal plot to bowl no-balls, was Butt part of that conspiracy. Moreover, he said that Butt did not know about any plan to bowl no-balls at Lord’s.

Bajwa further questioned that were they sure there was an unlawful scheme about the no-balls during the Lord’s Test? If so were they sure Salman Butt was involved in that illegal scheme and were they sure Mohammad Asif was also the part of that plan?