Ryan Braun surrounded by the positive drug test controversy

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  • Ryan Braun surrounded by the positive drug test controversy

Ryan Braun surrounded by the positive drug test controversy

After a scintillatingly wonderful season, the Milwaukee Brewers slugger Ryan Braun is surrounded by a controversy that may have a lasting effect on his career. The 2011 National League Most Valuable Player is said to have failed a drug test.

The test was given as part of Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Policy, initiated by MLB. But as things progressed, there have come a number of reports – which, while not completely clear, indicates there was some violation.

But, at the same time, reports have surfaced which say that it could not possibly be performance-enhancing drugs, which – if proven, could create a huge problem for the Brewers player.

A source which was not named by any news agency, interestingly said it was not a PED or steroid or any kind.

"It was not a PED, drug or steroid of any kind," said the source in a text message. "And there has never been a result like this in the history of the [MLB drug testing] program."

While the news reports remain hazy and fail to remove ambiguity, the Brewers owner did release a statement , saying MLB has not contacted the club yet. All the same, his emphasis was that there be no rush to judgement until the whole process is duly completed.

The testing program, it is necessary to stress, is confidential. That it has a review process too in its fold does give the players a space to seek review before determining any result, or violation of the stipulated rules.

Mark Attanasio, the owner of the Milwaukee Brewers, defended Ryan Braun as a model citizen in every sense of the word.

"Ryan Braun has been a model citizen in every sense of the word, both in the Milwaukee community and for the Brewers. Since joining our organization in 2005, he has been a person of character and integrity," Attanasio said in the statement.

With controversy surrounding this quality player, any result of the report that is positive will certainly cast a shadow on Ryan Braun. It is this likelihood that be a matter of serious concern for the Brewers in the days to come.




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