Roy Hodgson speaks against the fans on the lack of support for the team

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  • Roy Hodgson speaks against the fans on the lack of support for the team

Roy Hodgson speaks against the fans on the lack of support for the team

Former Fulham manager speaks for the lack of confidence from the team and says that they deserved a draw....


Roy Hodgson seems be under heavy fire from the Anfield supporters as they lost the last fixture they had against the Wolverhampton wanderers and the defeat came as a very embarrassing one as it was on the Reds home ground of Anfield.

This was a very humiliating defeat for Liverpool as this was their eight losses in a row and the home fans thwarted him for the club’s performances.

The Anfield fans are mad at the team and especially the new coach as he is the man that they put all the blame on, as before the match the wolves were at the very bottom of the English premier league table and they showcased in front of the whole world exactly how good they were from the likes of Liverpool.

The fans at Anfield kept singing chants for their legend Kenny Dalgish and the whole match was compromised of boos for the Reds. Now Roy Hodgson has spoken against them asking them to support the team in their time of need and stop with all the negativity.

He commented on the matter by saying that "I'm getting used to the negativity. Kenny [Dalglish] was a rival for the job and it was given to me. He's a Liverpool legend. 

"But I don't like it. It's the Kop's way of showing they are not happy with what the team is doing. We've had to live with negativity ever since I came here. 

He said that all the fans have been asking for their legend player Kenny Dalgish ever since he came here and now he hopes that fans come on his side and support his decisions.

He said that all the negativity that the fans are portraying drastically effects the team’s performances and he continued by saying "Disappointing is the buzzword at the moment. There is not a stronger word than that."

He ended the matter by saying that he came with hoping that they would do a good job this time but then they had to suffer a disappointing defeat.

Though Hodgson did say that he needs to credit the wolves on their superb plan and they did play better than the reds in that match.



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