Rory McIlroy learned from his Masters confusing defeat

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  • Rory McIlroy learned from his Masters confusing defeat

The bright golfer and the famous amongst youth named Rory McIlroy gained much experience from his past games; he earned a lot of experience throughout his small but entertaining career. Rory lost a lead in an event of Augusta in the last game play on Sunday.

He learned many lessons with the tournament this year, to protect the title of leading golfer is difficult and needs a lot of attention and intentions towards the game.

The story was about the Masters Tournaments, which was played in April 2011. Rory was leading the tournament in first round played on 7th April, in which he scored -4 to par. His performance from the day first was well enough, where in second day and in second round Rory dropped to 10th position, where Jason Day scored -12 and took a lead. Rory only scored -4 to par, he was playing well but others like Jason Day and Tiger Woods was playing above expected.

On the third day play, Adam Scoot comes from nowhere and took a lead, and Rory declining trend continues and he reached at 12th position on the score board. Rory was expecting that he will snatch the lead again on the day fourth, at final day play. But his expectations didn’t match to his performance and he got a big shock to see himself in 39th position.

“It was a bad Sunday” said by Rory, it’s hard to accept that once you start the tournament with a lead and you dropped to 39th position on the event end. The final result on the score board was Charl Schwartzel 1st, Jason Day and Adam Scott 2nd and Rory on 15th position. He earned $128,000 and also looks forward for better performance in future.

McIlroy shared his thoughts on the final day as "What I did today, I tried to set myself a little target, little goals, just because it kept me from focusing on the leader board and focusing on how far ahead I was or anything like that,"

Rory was disturbed; he was focusing more on the leader board than his performance. A golfer should evaluate himself or the course before every single shot taken. Rory have learned a lot of thing from the defeat in Masters Tournament. Such as:

What is the target, how far and how to achieve?

What is the surface is, what shot to be taken?

Consider the wind factor and its direction.

What will be the next shot if this one fails?

A gofler needs close attention towards his course with deep knowledge of the wind factor and motivation. He also want to be involved in the game rather then other factors, the attachement for the game is the best skill for a golfer to prove. There are many rivals in single tournament, and many are the top leaders on money list, to defeat them professional golf is highly required.

By assuming all these questions in mind a golfer can make a best of it and the shot taken will be effective than others. Rory has learned these facts in this event and will also be looking forward to fulfill them.

Rory now focusing more on US Open coming year to defend his previous title, keeping in his mind about the confusing defeat in Masters he will be working harder than before to keep his name on the and the youngest champion.


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