Roger Federer; A living Legend

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  • Roger Federer; A living Legend

Roger Federer; A living Legend

Roger Federer is the most decorated tennis player in history. The Swiss superstar is in a league of his own when it comes to the grand slams. He has won 16 grand slam titles, the most by any player. He is also known as the Fed express because of his unrelenting streak of trophies.

Federer remained the world number 1 for a record 237 consecutive weeks. In total he has been world number 1 for 285 weeks, just 1 week behind the great Pete Sampras. Federer is widely regarded by critics and fellow professionals as the greatest tennis player ever. He shares his record of winning all 4 grand slams on 3 different surfaces with Andre Agassi and the current world number 1 Rafael Nadal.

Federer came into the spot light when he beat the four time defending champion Pete Sampras at Wimbledon in 2001. This match showed glimpses of the legend to follow. Federer won his 1st grand slam in 2003 storming past Mark Philippoussis, 7-6, 6-2 and 7-6. The straight sets victory meant Federer was the new king of grass. He went on to win 5 consecutive Wimbledon titles equaling Bjon Borg’s record. He now has 6 Wimbledon titles just 1 behind the record holder Pete Sampras.

The win at Wimbledon seemed to inspire Federer to greater things. In 2004 he won 3 out of the 4 grand slams. The french open remained the elusive crown. The year 2005 did not start off well for the Swiss sensation, he was knocked out of the both the Australian and French open in the semi final by Marat Safin and Rafael Nadal respectively. He bounced back in grand style though, securing his 3rd consecutive Wimbledon crown and a 2nd successive US open title. Yet again he ended the year as the undisputed ATP world number 1.

In 2006 the Fed express marched on displaying utter dominance. He managed to snare 3 more grand slams, yet again the French open went missing from the trophy cabinet. His clay form did get better though as he reached his first French open final losing out eventually to his arch rival Rafael Nadal.  

The year 2007 was no different; he yet again won 3 grand slams and again lost in the French open final to Nadal. By now Federer had gained legendary status in the world of tennis. He was breaking records left and right and the Fed express seemed unstoppable. His dominance was unquestionable and yet again he regained his crown of the king of tennis.

It seemed Federer had found an apprentice in the shape of Nadal. In 2008 this rivalry gathered pace. Federer lost both the French open final and the Wimbledon final to his nemesis. Compared to past seasons, 2008 was a disappointing one for the great Federer. He still managed to capture one more record when he won his only grand slam of the year at flushing meadows. This meant Federer now held the record for the most consecutive US open titles(5). He had relinquished his thrown to Nadal who ended the year as the world number 1.

Many begin to doubt the ability of Federer to bounce back. He proved all the critics wrong after ending 2009 as the world number 1. This year was very special for him as he broke the record for the most number of grand slam titles after winning his 15th grand slam at Wimbledon. This meant he had surpassed Pete Sampras. The cherry on top was the elusive French open crown; Federer was the king of clay for the first time in his career. He now had won all 4 grand slams, something Sampras never managed to achieve.

The year 2010 started off in immaculate fashion as Federer secured his 16th grand slam after winning the Australian open. The rest of the year did not however do justice to the class of the man. This was probably the most disappointing season in his illustrious career.

Many say Federer is in the lime light of his career. As they say ‘form is temparary but class is permanent’, no one can deny that the Swiss legend has ultimate class. He has won it all and does not need to prove himself to anyone. He truly is a living legend.


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