Rider Jo Rugman dies while running in a team chase event at Ampney Down Farm

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  • Rider Jo Rugman dies while running in a team chase event at Ampney Down Farm

Rider Jo Rugman dies while running in a team chase event at Ampney Down Farm

A veteran horse rider by the name of Jo Rugman just recently became a victim of a team chase event that resulted in her tragic death. The untimely death comes as a massive blow and shock to Rugman’s family, friends and fans as the jockey was talented and had been riding for a long time. The traumatic accident occurred in the vicinity of Cirencester.

The death of the experienced jockey is even more unfortunate as it took place right in front of Rugman’s family. Rugman was riding the horse by the name of Fitzwilliam Square. The course on which both the rider and the horse were racing was a cross-country one. The death of Rugman took place when the horse she was riding at Ampney Down Farm fell on her due to an accident. The reason for this occurrence is not clear, however, it is being speculated that the horse lost its balance as it tried to overcome a fence and was not able to do so successfully. As a consequence, the horse, which was galloping at considerable speed, lost its footing and stumbled. This imbalance in the stride of the horse caused Rugman to fall, with the horse falling over her in turn.

The death of the 37 year old rider did not occur on the spot. She had strength enough to reach the John Radcliffe Hospital. Rugman was brought to the hospital after being airlifted from the Ampney Down Farm. However, before the doctors could do much, Rugman breathed her last and passed on.

James Buckle, who is the chairman of the committee that deals with team chase, spoke the following words of condolences at the untimely death of Rugman: "I am sure the whole team chasing world will join me in sending our heartfelt condolences to Jo's family and thank the emergency services for the way they dealt with the incident.”

Apart from Buckle, several family and friend members as well as professional associations expressed words of appreciation at her skill and deep regret at Rugman’s loss.

Before the unfortunate death of Rugman, no other death has taken place during a team chase event, which started in 1974.     


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