Regina Pats to play Friday game on pink-coloured ice field - NHL news

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  • Regina Pats to play Friday game on pink-coloured ice field - NHL news

The Regina Pats ice hockey team will take their support to the cause of breast cancer awareness to a new level when they play their Friday night game on pink ice field.

The game played in the support of the breast cancer in the country will be pinked-theme hockey game. The players will skate on the top of pink-coloured ice, the first game on the coloured ice in their home venue.

Pats have been playing a game for the breast cancer cause ever season for the last many years. Players will wear pink jerseys to be sold in a fund-raiser at the end of the game.

This is for the first time that the ice makers at the Brandt Centre will be facing the challenge of making the surface of the ice hockey field in pink colour.

“Turning the ice surface pink will be a new twist and a challenge for the ice makers at the Brandt Centre,” the head ice maker at the Centre Andrew Higgins said. The reason for it being a difficult challenge was that he said he had seen examples in other fields when pink colour had been added to the ice but it had simply not worked out.

"We've seen a couple of videos where I know they didn't call and ask for directions. They just dumped the whole pail of pink in and you could hardly see the lines." Higgins said

He said his team was being extra cautious with the colour and once a right mix for pink colour was ensured the rest of process was similar to the one if painting the ice into the white colour. The quality of the colour with all marks and signs visibility is made sure during the whole process.

“Using special sprayers, crews add the pink-hued water to an initial layer of ice and let that new layer freeze. It looks really good," Cliff Mapes, from the Regina Pats said.

The club dedicates a game or two for the cause of breast cancer every year. This year’s match on the pink-coloured ice hockey will mark a new era for the team and for the breast cancer cause.


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