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  • Red Bull dismiss Lewis Hamilton link

Red Bull dismiss Lewis Hamilton link

Red Bull took the World by Storm last year by winning the Constructor’s title and the Driver Championship in Formula one. Now it is only natural for big names to be associated with the team. Christian Horner the team principal had clarified that rumours of former World Champion Lewis Hamilton joining the team do not have any truth to them.

Earlier Helmut Marko the adviser at Red Bull had said that with the aggression and speed of Hamilton he is always a topic of discussion.

Horner clarified by saying that if Hamilton wanted to drive for Red Bull, there is no doubt that he would fit the bill.  But at the same time he is under a long term contract at McLaren and Horner said that he is sure that Lewis will be with the British team for a while.

Currently the two men under the helmet for Red Bull are the World Champion Sebastian Vettel, and the Australian Mark Webber who finished 3rd last season behind Fernando Alonso of Ferrari.

The German Sebastian Vettel did put pen to paper last recently to extend his contract till the end of 2014 season. But Mark Webber is with the team on year to year basis, considering the of the Aussie and his contract will end at the end of current season.

Even though Lewis Hamilton does have a contract with McLaren that runs out till the end of 2014, there were suggestions made that he may be looking to move out. The fact that McLaren has found it hard to cope with the upgrades and the new car has not been at par with others, does give way to rumours that the 2008 champion may be weighing up his options.  The pre season testing sessions suggested that the car was unable to match the speed of Red Bull and Ferrari, and after several upgrades it was still not up to the mark.

In wake of all the rumours making rounds about Hamilton’s future, the Brit did talk to the team principal Martin Whitmarsh and assured him that he is not going anywhere.

Hamilton said it was to "reassure him I am here, I am committed to the team, committed to winning.

"This is where my heart and mind are. I'm not thinking about going elsewhere, I don't have my people [his new management team] going elsewhere and doing any other talking."

The first race of the season did not go that badly for the British team, and Hamilton did manage to qualify 2nd and ended up on the podium behind Vettel. There were still some problems identified in the McLaren car, and it was off the pace compared to the Red Bulls.


Last season of formula one was the closest one in probably the history of formula one, there were five possible contenders for the title pretty much till the end of the race. The top position changed hands many times but the only man who never got on top till the final race Vettel ended up winning the title.

Hamilton was believed to be unhappy with some internal issues at McLaren, and his relationship with team mate Jenson Button was also a topic of debate. Even though Red Bull has categorically denied having links to Lewis Hamilton, whatever transpires till the end of 2011 season may go a long way towards determining where the Brit may end up in 2012. 


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