Reasons for missing bunny shots

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  • Reasons for missing bunny shots

A common thought that crosses one’s mind quite often is ‘why sometimes great players miss a simple shot’? As it has been observed over the number of years, at times, seasoned and experienced players unexpectedly miss a simple shot and eventually suffer a great deal. This off the wall question however, can be interesting to explore.

Demeanor – The basic requirement to be a top snooker player is the use of right technique, as the game of snooker involves a lot of technicalities. Two basic fundamentals of the game include; being able to cue in a straight line aligned with the striker and color, and hitting the white ball (striker) exactly in the centre.

These guidelines sound easy but it take years to master these skills, however hitting the striker requires a player to have knowledge of ‘siding’ and ‘placement’, as there are hundreds of ways to hit the striker and make it respond accordingly.

If a player has problems with his technique then it appears to be a serious matter, which eventually can cause the player to miss at a crucial time. However nobody is perfect, so the art of cueing remains a battle between ever rising problems and remedies to overcome them.

As many people know the legendary Steve Davis for possessing the perfect cue techniques, but in the later days of his career he admitted that he is having trouble with his technique. As he said “I observed that I was not hitting the ball in the centre, instead I was looking up to a particular side, eventually disturbing my alignment”.

Stephen Hendry another all-time snooker great has developed a technical problem lately. According to many snooker experts it is due to such problems, that he is in a dip-in form these days.

Right technique remains the fundamental of flawless if not perfect cueing.

Pressure – Doubtlessly pressure is one of the most important reasons a player misses. Every player can come under pressure regardless of his status and experience, and pressure can prove to be fatal as it can cause a player to miss on the shots that they would never miss in a practice session.

Surely when millions of people are watching and expecting from a player to perform, pressure becomes inexorable, however it is the ability of a player to retain the capacity for thinking clearly and keep the calm. However, when playing in front of spectators, with prize money worth thousand pounds and rankings on risk, everything can be missed in such a situation. When so many thoughts enter a human mind it tends to let go on the focus, once the focus is lost, one can surely make silly mistakes. What it takes to be a champion nonetheless, is composure and ability to perform under pressure.

Posture – At times a player is not playing blunderingly rather he is aiming badly. Players know that it is better to place the chin on the cue while bending on the table to aim for the shot; however it has been observed that some renowned cueists remained well above the table and made the potting look peanuts.

Surely some room for human error is there, but a bad alignment is one of the many reasons that players miss a bunny shot at a crucial moment.

Attentiveness – Concentration and focus is of vital significance, as one might have observed that when a player gains age and gets old, his concentrating and focusing abilities seem to dwindle. Consequently, aged players lacking focus and concentration are more likely to miss piece-of-cake shots, which they would not miss ever. For instance, the legendary Stephen Hendry is above 40-years, with his age fading away he is losing altitude in the world rankings. Now, often Stephen misses the shots that he wouldn’t, even with his eyes shut.  

All these factors can possibly be the reason a player misses, however exposure and practice can help one overcoming these hurdles.


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