Real Madrid’s Jose Mourinho to decide new transfer between Bremen’s Pizarro and Hamburg’s Nistelrooy

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  • Real Madrid’s Jose Mourinho to decide new transfer between Bremen’s Pizarro and Hamburg’s Nistelrooy

Real Madrid’s Jose Mourinho to decide new transfer between Bremen’s Pizarro and Hamburg’s Nistelrooy

Jose Mourinho would be one of the most confused manager when it comes to signing player this fall. The Portuguese manager has been strapped with one problem after another binding him with very few options when it comes to making decisions.

He fell into a financial crisis at first when the president of Real Madrid Florentino Perez announced the manager will not be receiving money to sign in players during the January transfer window.

This was followed by Mourinho declaring his lack of interest in the market owing to the reason of not find the perfect signing however he did state Real Madrid ambition in bringing a new player to continue.

He later explained that he was having problems with inconsistent and injured players hence wanted to increase the talent available on bench. The ‘Chosen One’ also explained that his new signing will be not be of a typical positioned player but a player that knows and acknowledges technical play when asked of him.

In the midst of all this two suspects had been brought up regarding a possible transfer this fall. The first one was the legendary Dutch player at Hamburg Ruud Van Nistelrooy and the second was Werder Bremen’s Claudio Pizarro.

Though the transfer window is getting closer and closer to fading, Mourinho is still believed to sign in at least one striker before it ends.

Due to Gonzalo Higuain’s injury Real Madrid has suffered a lot this season. they have lost unnecessary points and missed open chance at winning games. It appears Mourinho might be looking forward to treat the problem with a temporary plan by signing in Pizzaro.

However if Mourinho is dreaming of acquiring the ultimate poacher, an indestructible goal scoring machine then ‘Van the Man’ would be a good option. In this scenario it must be expected that the German outfit Hamburg is not going to let their coveted possession off to one of the richest clubs for pennies and dimes.

The once great Nistelrooy is still a revered figure and with experience backing him he would be a safe plan to end Real with good end of the season results.

Alvaro Morata the 18-year-old Spanish prodigy is another option who if chance permitted could be added in the ranks of Los Blancos. The only thing that would keep his from getting glory is the fact that the player is still too young to be burdened with such an amount of responsibility.

Nonetheless if all these options fail it more than likely Mourinho will opt for the Peruvian forward Pizzaro. After all Mourinho has spent some time with the star back when he was managing at Chelsea however his time with Pizarro was not a pleasant one as he was having trouble finding the back of the net for Stamford Bridge.

Now however the 32-year-old is a feared figure in the German League, Bundesliga. He netted the ball 16 times in 26 caps last season and this season he continues to amaze on lookers again.

Though French prodigy at the club Karim Benzema is showing form, growing by the day Mourinho has admitted it will be hard for the 22-year-old to play in the domestic league Primera Division, Copa del Rey and ultimately the UEFA Champions League.


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