Real Madrid’s Jose Mourinho criticizes Inter Milan’s Rafael Benitez for ruining heritage, hints comeback to EPL or Serie A

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  • Real Madrid’s Jose Mourinho criticizes Inter Milan’s Rafael Benitez for ruining heritage, hints comeback to EPL or Serie A

Real Madrid’s Jose Mourinho criticizes Inter Milan’s Rafael Benitez for ruining heritage, hints comeback to EPL or Serie A

The manager of Real Madrid Jose Mourinho has went on and blatantly attacked against the Spaniard Rafael Benitez who might just become the former manager of Inter Milan.

In a press release the Portuguese ‘Chosen One’ lambasted against the ex-Liverpool manager who is managing at Inter Milan currently. He commented against Benitez stating he had quite literally destroyed the heritage he had helped build with the Italian outfit.

It was just last season that Nerazzurri were a force not to be reckoned with. They were ruthlessly obliterating everyone in their path as they went on to win a treble including the Serie A title and the Champions League.

However since Benitez’s arrival from the financially troubled Anfield, Lady Luck seemed to have put a curse on the manager as his woes of lack lustrous performances continue. With the Blue and Black part of San Siro, Rafa has faced severe injury problems which even at one point saw the team having 8 men from their staring line up on the bench.

Now reports are concluding that Benitez has been sacked via email from the club. Sources have confirmed that the agent of the former Champions League winner has received an email suggesting the services of Benitez are no longer required with the club.

As Benitez was already making controversial statements against the club saying ‘back me or sack me’ to the chiefs, officials and board members, this decision won’t come as a surprise to many.

Reports have concluded that the former AC Milan manager Leonardo is stepping up to be the hot favourite in picking up the job from Rafa. It is expected the sacking will take place before New Year and the appointment will take place in the winter transfer window.

Mourinho has solely blamed Benitez as the culprit behind the demise of Inter’s glory. He was caught saying it was Rafa who led the club down this terrible track and he would care if he got the marching orders.

While talking to media the manager stated, “I don't want to know when or if Benitez is ousted.”

He was proud of the time he spent with the Italian outfit when he uttered, “I am only interested in Inter, the president, my friends, the players, the fans who in two years gave me everything.”

Nonetheless was snide as usual when added, “I want Inter to win everything apart from the Champions League, where there is Real Madrid.”

He was also critical when he discredited Benitez from winning the Club World Cup, on the issue he said, “Rafa's words (after the Club World Cup)? They deserve no comment. I expected at least a thank you from the success that I gave him.” He smugly added, “Ask all the Inter fans what they think of me and him.”

Earlier in the summers it was expected Mourinho was going to revoke his decision to move to Santiago Bernabeu where he dreamt of managing Real Madrid. However it seemed inevitable as Los Blancos were willing to pay money for them, which as a matter of fact they ended up doing.

Mourinho remembering the issue commented, “Going back to Inter? I can never say that I will not go back there, but I also cannot say that I will not go to another team.”

The 47-year-old manager continued, “But Inter will always be in front. I hope they don't need me. If they do then it means they have gone down the wrong path.”

Once the Chelsea manager concluded complacently with, “In my future it will be the Premier League or Italy. Problems at Real Madrid? I never have problems.”


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