Real Madrid versus Tottenham – Key Battles: UEFA Champions League (Part 1)

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  • Real Madrid versus Tottenham – Key Battles: UEFA Champions League (Part 1)

Real Madrid will look to gain a win against Tottenham whilst keeping a clean sheet on 5th of April, 2010 in the first leg of their quarter-final matchup against Harry Redknapp’s men. Both the teams are known for their offensive flair rather than defensive solidity thus the encounter is expected to be an enthralling one rather than a stagnant tactical battle. Nonetheless, let’s take a look at some of the key battles that will decide the course of the match at Santiago Bernabéu...

Sergio Ramos versus Gareth Bale

At the moment, Bale’s inclusion in Tottenham’s trip to tentative but Harry Redknapp has confirmed that the Welsh winger has a big chance of taking the field against Real Madrid as he is on the right recovery path from his groin injury. Bale brings pace and athleticism to Tottenham’s ranks whilst also giving them genuine width and creativity down the left hand side. Gareth started his career off as a full back before being converted into the left sided winger by Harry Redknapp.

In the 2010-2011 season, Bale has been Tottenham’s best player in the UEFA Champions League by a fair distance. Injuries restricted his participation in the round of sixteen but in the group stages of the Champions League, Bale’s hatrick against Inter Milan at San Siro was a sight for sore eyes as his team almost fought back from a four goal deficit to gain a vital draw. When Inter Milan played the return fixture at White Hart Lane in the group stages, Tottenham’s winger was a thorn in their side once again as he tore Maicon apart down the right hand side of Inter Milan’s defence.

Seen as one of the fastest footballers on the planet, Bale’s pace is sure to be a match deciding factor when Real Madrid host Tottenham on Tuesday night. Up against the Welsh winger, will be Spain’s talented right back Sergio Ramos. Ramos is known for his attacking capabilities rather than his defensive astuteness. In the past, the ex-Sevilla full back has been exposed his tricky wingers in La Liga. Moreover, Ramos has been seen as a weak link in Real Madrid’s defensive line up due to the space he leaves behind in defence when he surges forward to support the likes of Gonzalo Higuain and Angel Di Maria in attack.

This battle can have a two-fold outcome. Either Bale will be the match winner for Tottenham or Ramos’s forward runs will compel the Welsh winger to track back in order to help his team mates out with their defensive responsibilities. As the first leg is an away one for Tottenham and a home one for Real Madrid, one can expect Spurs to take a conservative approach at Santiago Bernabéu.

The English media has already built up Tottenham as potential underdogs but Redknapp has confirmed that his side will be travelling to Spain in order to secure a win rather than a typical European draw. If that indeed is the case, Bale will be the key for Tottenham if they hope to unlock Madrid’s resolute defence. With four goals and two assists in Bale’s statistics, Ramos might as well start some sprinting routines sooner rather than later, if he hopes to catch the Welsh express in all its pomp.

In the next edition of this article, Ricardo Carvalho’s contest with Peter Crouch will be elaborated upon as both of them can have a result altering impact on the match on 5th April, 2011.

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