Poland defeats Argentina by 3-2 in a FIVB World League match

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  • Poland defeats Argentina by 3-2 in a FIVB World League match

Poland defeats Argentina by 3-2 in a FIVB World League match

With the FIVB World League matches going on in Gdnask, Poland, the Polish team has successfully managed to keep the spirits of their fans alive by registering a win against Argentina and securing themselves a ticket to the semi finals of the tournament.

The match between the two teams brought all the excitement and thrill along for the 8000 spectators packed at the venue. The opening set of the match came as a loss for the Polish squad but second and third ones came as wins. The Argentineans equalized the match by winning the fourth set abut the decisive fifth one was won by the Polish team. By the time that the night was out, Poland had secured a much celebrated victory over Argentina by the following final set scores: 18-25, 25-22, 25-20, 24-26 and 15-13.

The Polish side won as a result of team effort that showed in the way Poland was executing their attack as well as the defense. However, Bartosz Kurek stood prominent among the rest of his team members. Kurek was able to lead his side by registering a total of 29 points for Poland. He was helped by team mates Lucas Ocampo and Facundo Conte, each of whom tallied 14 points.

The first set of the match started off with a bit of a struggle but the lead eventually going to the Argentineans at 8-7. When both the teams came back from the first technical time out, Poland did not manage to overtake their rivals who kept the lead with themselves at 16-11. It was not a tough job for the Argentinean squad to bag the opening set at 25-18.

The second set saw the Polish team step up their game and eventually take the lead at 12-9. The Argentineans tried to snatch control from the Polish side but Poland managed to keep hold of the lead at 23-20. Poland went all the way to win the set at 25-22.

The third set saw both the teams lock horns for the most part in an effort to gain the upper hand in the match. When the set reached its second time out, the Polish squad had the advantage at 16-11 that extended till 25-20.

The Argentinean side managed to get into a leading position at 8-3 in the fourth set. However, the lead shifted to the Polish side later on at 18-17. But in a spectacular display of skill, the Argentinean squad managed to get their hands on the fourth set at 26-24.

The fifth and final set of the game had all the expected sparks with the Polish side finally winning it at 15-13.

The semi final will find the Polish team contesting against the Russians in a fight to enter the championship match.


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